Simplify and Streamline Compensation Planning with Empxtrack Compensation Management Software

A fair and transparent cloud solution that addresses all aspects of employee compensation. Empxtrack Compensation Management aids in company budgeting and ensures competitiveness in salaries and benefits.

The Compensation Management tool integrates performance data and sets guidelines for HR and managers to provide fairness in salaries, commission, bonus and rewards.


HR can view the total new salary based on the appraisal scores


Specify compensation changes for each range of appraisal scores


Dashboards showing compensation details for a specific period

Empower Managers

Provide managers with the data they need to distribute compensation in an objective and fair manner. With a strategic compensation plan, empower your managers to take the right decision on employees’ salary increments based on their performance scores.

Retain Top Talent

Empxtrack compensation planning tool helps in defining multiple compensation plans for different employee groups. With Empxtrack, ensure your top performers are recognized and rewarded in a timely manner that drives engagement and retention of top talent.

Analyze Performance Data

With Empxtrack, gain insights into historical appraisal data and make the necessary pay adjustments on the basis of employee performance scores. Integrate performance appraisal scores, compa-ratios, past increments and salary fitments to give the best compensation to your employees.

Make Compensation Planning and Distribution a Data-Driven Approach

More Reasons to Choose Us!

Manage Compensation Plans

Start an increment cycle for the entire workforce for a specific time period.


Set Compensation Framework

Configure rules to define multiple increment bands for different employee groups.


Generate Letters

Customize increment letters and auto-generate and auto-distribute these to cut down on phenomenal effort.

Access Historical Data

With Empxtrack, access historical compensation data to make the right decisions on salary increments.


Customizable Workflows

Design easy to use workflows to speed up approvals and handle exceptions in the compensation plans.

24x7 support

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Empxtrack teams are available 24 x 7.

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