Make Employee Satisfaction a Priority by Soliciting Employee Feedback and Building a Better Workplace

Gather data on employee compensation, benefits, work culture and more with Empxtrack Employee Satisfaction Survey. Use the data to measure employee engagement, satisfaction and identify key employee drivers to build a happy and engaged workforce.

Maintain anonymity and receive unbiased and honest feedback from your employees. A survey that your employees can complete quickly and efficiently.


View list of surveys initiated in a specific time period


Create a poll in less than two minutes


Manage and add employee satisfaction surveys

Measure Satisfaction Level

With Empxtrack, solicit employee satisfaction rating and workforce engagement index. Automation of employee satisfaction surveys helps an employer to measure the impact of current policies and practices, and identify areas of improvement in an anonymous yet systematic manner.

Count Employee Opinion

With Empxtrack, create polls and publish them in less than 2 minutes. Analyze poll results and identify employee satisfaction level with the existing workplace practices and take initiatives to improve their work experience.

Survey Templates and Dashboards

Use pre-configured survey templates or create customized survey forms in just a few clicks.

Empxtrack employee satisfaction survey tool speeds up the process of soliciting real-time feedback from employees and gain actionable insights through reports and dashboards.

Focus and Act on Employee Feedback to Engage and Retain Top Talent

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Save up to 16 hours

Create Survey in Minutes

Name the form, write necessary questions and publish the survey on your website or invite respondents through the email to solicit their feedback.

Customize Survey Forms

Customize survey questionnaire forms using pre-configured templates and HTML/CSS files. With Empxtrack, get flexibility to set up unlimited survey forms.

Invite Respondents via Email

Allow HR managers to invite survey respondents using the built-in email invitation tool. The auto-reminder functionality and integration with the employee portal gets higher percentage of responses.

Data Export and Analytics

Availability of sophisticated data download options and ready to use reports to analyze results on the click of a button.

Measure Leadership Effectiveness

With Empxtrack, design surveys to measure efficiency of people working in the leadership roles.

24x7 support

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Empxtrack teams are available 24 x 7.

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