Identify & Develop Potential Leaders With Empxtrack Succession Planning Software

Determine key leadership roles, identify high potential employees, provide mentoring and create a succession pipeline with Empxtrack Succession Planning software.

Implement development programs to mentor top performers. Nurture HIPOs and help them become potential successors to fill in vacant key positions that are critical to meet an organization’s strategic and operational objectives.

Engage top talent, maximize business efficiency and mitigate attrition risks with Empxtrack.


Identify HIPOs through 12 grid Performance Potential matrix


Assign mentor for skill development of employees


Identify potential successors for critical leadership positions


Initiate a survey for succession pipeline

Plan for the Future

Empxtrack offers a systematic process to identify key leadership positions in the organization and recognizes high potential employees using a 9 or 12 grid matrix.

With Empxtrack succession planning software, you can plan for the future through proper mentoring and ensure a seamless transition of leadership roles without interrupting business continuity.

Build Competency Based Talent Pipeline

Empxtrack supports implementation of well-structured skill development plans for potential successors that ensures their smooth transition into the new role.

Competency-based talent pipeline can be built to strategically fill critical positions created by unexpected retirements or exits.

Nurture Potential Successors

Create customized training and cross-functional programs to nurture and retain potential successors.

Empxtrack provides a systematic approach to proactively mentor potential successors and help them gain knowledge, skills and abilities needed to outdo a leadership role.

Build Leaders of Tomorrow and Retain Top Talent by Fostering Ongoing Career Growth

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Create Multiple Succession Plans

Allow the leadership to create short, medium and long-term succession plans for each key position. Mentor and nurture top talent to increase retention.


Prepare Future Leaders

Implement formal cross-training and mentorship programs to prepare employees for filling in the key roles.

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Measure Assessment Results

Evaluate potential successors against a pre-defined competency model and capture assessment results.

Manage Integrated Job Profile

Integrate all aspects of an employee’s profile, such as job history, career goals etc. to ensure if the potential successor is capable of the leadership role.

Involve Multiple Stakeholders

Involve leadership to identify critical positions, at-risk candidates, and design formal leadership development programs.

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User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Empxtrack teams are available 24 x 7.

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