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Benefits of Empxtrack Succession Planning Software

Ensure business continuity with succession planning software

Hiring and training new employees is costly and a time-taking task. Moreover, disrupts the business continuity too. Hence, Empxtrack ensures a seamless transition of leadership roles without interrupting business continuity.

Empxtrack succession planning software helps you develop potential successors to take up key roles in the organization. In addition, our succession management software ensures seamless transfer of corporate knowledge to potential successors.

Ensure Seamless Transition of Leadership Roles with Succession Planning Software
Identify High Potential Employees with Cloud-based Succession Planning Tool

Identify high potential employees with the help of succession planning tools

Empxtrack succession planning software is a cloud-based software. It helps identify key leadership roles within the organization and then builds a talent pipeline of potential successors to fill those positions.

Empxtrack provides performance potential matrices. This in turn helps in quick identification of high potential employees (HIPOs). This is used to display employees’ performance against potential to different stakeholders.

Identify high potential employees with Empxtrack succession planning software today!

Identify the most critical job roles with our succession planning solutions

Empxtrack succession planning software identifies the most critical job roles within the organization.

Our succession planning tool will help you build talent pools and identifies key role performers.

Build Talent Pool to Fill Critical Job Roles with Succession Planning Solution
Allow Internal Candidates for Internal Mobility and Cross-functional Transfer

Build a strong leadership pipeline of internal candidates by using succession planning system

Every company has its own set of rules, values, culture and business ethics. A new hire takes time to adjust to these and can be a misfit. On the other hand, existing employees have a better understanding of the company culture. Empxtrack enables you to build a strong leadership pipeline with internal candidates. Existing employees are already aware of company culture, values, and business ethics.

With Empxtrack, internal mobility and cross-functional transfer becomes easy. Get Empxtrack succession planning software today.

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Measure effectiveness of new leaders by implementing succession planning software

Empxtrack’s cloud-based succession planning software enables you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the new leaders continuously. Furthermore, you can conduct a survey to identify performance and efficiency of the newly appointed leaders.

Analyze Performance and Efficiency of New Leaders with Succession Management Solution
Minimize Attrition and Retain Top Talent with Best Succession Planning Software

Mitigate attrition risks by deploying the best talent from within the organization with the best succession planning software

Top performers tend to look for new and better opportunities if they do not find it within your company. Increase employee retention by appointing existing employees for critical job positions.

Organizations invest heavily in employee training and improving employee performance. Various growth opportunities keep employees motivated and promote a culture of growth. This helps in increasing employee satisfaction and retaining top talent.

Mitigate attrition risks by identifying At Risk employees on time, and engaging top talent within the company. With Empxtrack succession planning software, you can not only develop and engage top talent but also help them become better professionals.

Main features of Empxtrack HR succession planning software


Maintain multiple succession plans using our succession management solution

Empxtrack offers a cloud-based succession planning software with configurable succession plans. There are long, medium and short term plans for each key position. Typically, succession pipelines are built to fulfill:

  • immediate needs (0 – 2 years)
  • mid-term needs (2 – 4 years)
  • long-term needs (4 – 7 years)

Besides, the software provides a systematic method to fill a leadership role in case of an unexpected exit or voluntary retirement or sudden demise of a person in a key role.

Above all, employee retention plays a key role in maintaining the talent pool. Internal promotions increase employee satisfaction, thereby resulting in higher retention. High retention translates to reduced costs for the hiring and training processes.

Risk Mitigation

Identify potential successors with Empxtrack cloud based succession planning software

Leadership forms the backbone of any organization. Leaving crucial leadership roles vacant can have a far-reaching impact. Besides, hiring new individuals in leadership roles takes time. The newly appointed people will face challenges adjusting to the company culture, ethics, and unwritten rules.

Empxtrack succession planning software helps in identifying critical leadership roles. Empxtrack provides a platform to quickly identify potential successors with skills and competencies matching critical leadership roles. This well-structured process in place further ensures that the key positions in the organization are taken up by the right people.

Empxtrack allows managers to mark employees At Risk. This helps in timely identification of at risk employees and HR can mitigate risk by developing successors.

9 Grid Performance Potential

Access 9 grid performance potential matrix

Empxtrack offers 9 and 12 grid matrices to identify high potential employees (HIPOs) and nurture them for leadership roles.

Through the Performance Potential graph, evaluate employees on multiple attributes. The attributes range from goal sheet, competencies, leadership qualities, job description, in addition to test results, action plan, quarterly goals, and many more. You can select any two attributes to identify the performance score of an employee. Based on the performance scores, employees are then categorized in grids.

Use the matrix subsequently to compare two potential successors in your organization.


Easily configurable succession planning software solutions

Empxtrack succession planning software allows you to easily configure succession timelines.

Get configurable succession plans with the flexibility to add job roles and potential candidates to the list.

You can also provide training and cross-functional programs to develop high-performing employees (HiPOs) and prepare them for critical job roles.

Business Continuity

Build competency-based talent pipeline with our succession planning software

Filling critical positions needs strategic action, and the plans should be well thought of. Succession planning is an important component of performance management. It involves identifying high performing employees in the talent pool.

Unplanned exit of a leader may interrupt business continuity. Empxtrack builds a competency-based talent pipeline. This helps to strategically fill vacant critical positions due to retirements or unexpected exits.

Empxtrack tracks inputs from assessment centers, leadership effectiveness surveys, internal and external training and coaching and mentoring. This allows you to build the best competency-based talent pipeline.

Cross-Functional Programs

Custom training and cross-functional programs for a smooth transition in a job role

You need to have the right people in key roles. Ensure your potential successors have the necessary skills to take on new responsibilities. The most effective way of doing that is to organize custom training programs. These help you develop talent in a way that is suited to the unique needs, goals and the culture of your organization.

With Empxtrack, conduct cross-functional transfers to help potential successors develop skills that go beyond their current profile. This will help employees to be prepared when the time comes to assume their new roles.

More Reasons to Choose Empxtrack
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Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack with other HR and management tools, through Web API.

This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current.

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Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers. We provide two factor authentication to prevent sensitive information from data breaches.

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How do I create a succession pipeline using Empxtrack succession planning software?

Empxtrack allows you to list out critical roles in the organization and add potential successors for each of these roles, depending upon the timelines. There is no limit on the number of critical roles.

Who are the potential successors for succession planning? How to identify them using Empxtrack succession planning solutions?

An employee who possesses capabilities and skills for taking up a critical role is called a potential successor or high potential employee (HiPO). Empxtrack provides a 9 or 12 grid Performance Potential matrix that helps in identification of HiPOs.

Empxtrack allows you to configure the Performance potential matrix and select forms and manage rating skill as per your requirement. These ratings will form the basis of employees falling in specific cells of the potential graph. Get Empxtrack succession planning software today.

How does a succession survey help in succession planning?

Empxtrack allows you to conduct a succession survey that collects information on the succession pipeline. Through a survey, ask multiple stakeholders about critical roles and get their recommendations on the most suitable employees to be hired in those roles. Depending upon the survey rules configured by you, survey participants are also allowed to add critical job roles.

Does Empxtrack succession planning software help in deciding the succession timelines?

Yes, Empxtrack succession planning software solutions allows you to add multiple timelines i.e. up to 3 different succession timelines.

Typically, succession pipelines are built around fulfilling immediate needs (0 – 2 years), mid-term needs (2 – 4 years), and long-term needs (4 – 7 years). You can add employees to different timelines based on their existing experience, tenure in the job, and the desired cross-functional mobility required for the role.

Does Empxtrack succession planning software support the development of potential successors?

With Empxtrack succession planning software, you can create and manage different types of talent development plans. They can be:

  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Qualification based development
  • Role change
  • Training

Provide formal cross-training and mentorship programs to prepare employees for filling in the key roles.

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