Align Workforce Planning with Organization’s Strategy

Empxtrack Workforce Planning tool helps to forecast future workforce requirements of businesses and plan proactively to meet those requirements. It helps the managers by providing them with the right number of people, having the right skill set at the right time.

Create an effective workforce planning strategy and make action plans to attract, retain and nurture the talent.


View dashboards to analyse data


View number of subunits with details


Add a vacant position to map manpower needs


Manage employees in a department


View job description for a vacant position

Identify Workforce Requirements

With Empxtrack, HR can identify upcoming manpower requirements and allocate budgets for it.

Empxtrack helps in planning for the future with a strategic workforce plan and creation of a talent pipeline with potential successors.

Reduce Talent Gap

Empxtrack Workforce Planning software enables HR and the leadership to ensure that the right people are placed in the right jobs at the right time.

It mitigates talent shortage and surplus by forecasting talent needs and planning ahead. HR can plan accordingly for talent recruitment, talent development and retention.

Manpower Budgeting

Empxtrack Workforce Planning solution automatically computes budget and estimates salary for new hires. Budgeting proposals can be viewed by senior management for better planning.

With a number of critical dashboards, workforce planning cuts down on the efforts required to project costs, manpower requirements, promotion planning and transfers.

Ensure right people in the right job at the right moment

More Reasons to Choose Us!

Audit Costs

Audit Costs

Workforce Planning helps to audit and reduce the labor cost and link the expenditure on employees directly to business outputs.

Design Training Program

Design Training Program

HR managers can identify the skill gap and provide suitable training programs to hone employees’ talents.

Accelerate Productivity

Minimum wastage of time, money and efforts lead to higher productivity. With Empxtrack, you can utilize your workforce in the best possible manner and accelerate productivity.


Integrate All Aspects of Employee Profile

Integrate manpower requests, exits, salary and budgets in one comprehensive system to view and plan cost and spend metrics.


Organization Chart

Allow creation of multiple types of organization charts such as relation hierarchy, department, cost-center. Allows analytics at various levels.

24x7 support

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Empxtrack teams are available 24 x 7.


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