February 27, 2009 (NOIDA): Saigun Technologies announced that amidst the recession it is growing at a constant pace and recruiting according to its Recruitment Targets set at the beginning of year 2008. Saigun conducted an Open House Recruitment Session to recruit employees for various departments. Open house was attended by 50 candidates from premium educational institutions like Amity University.Saigun’s President Tushar Bhatia who was directly involved in the Open House process said, “The pace of growth at Saigun has not stopped even during the recession. Instead recession has shifted focus of organizations from all around the world to look for productivity and performance improving tools. Resultantly the number of HR Managers/ CEOs and Business Leaders requesting demo for Saigun’s flagship product EmpXtrack has increased manifold. To cater this increasing demand for EmpXtrack, we are continually increasing the quantity and quality of our task force.”

Saigun’s Director of HR, Gen. B K Bhatia, said , “Continual hiring at Saigun is an indicator of the growth of company and its flagship product EmpXtrack – Human capital and Talent Management Software. The downtime has indeed provided us an opportunity to hire the quality talent we always look for. It is good time for small and mid-sized organizations to hire the desired talent, which is normally not available to SMBs.”