Empxtrack Continues To Grow With Its Performance Management Software

July 3rd, 2012 (India) : More enterprises are now opting for Empxtrack’s Integrated Performance Management Solution.

Khanna Paper, Thirdware, and Jubilant Energy are some of the new clients acquired by Empxtrack, an On Demand Human Resource and Talent Management Software. Enterprises from diversified areas of Manufacturing, ITES, Energy and Power are automating their HR processes through SaaS based HR Software Empxtrack.

“Empxtrack is proud to announce Khanna Paper, Thirdware and Jubilant Energy to its list of satisfied customers. Khanna Paper, India’s largest factory for recycled paper, has entrusted Empxtrack to help them in both PMS and HCM areas. Thirdware Solutions, having 8 locations around the globe also trusts Empxtrack in HCM and PMS domains for its 700 employees. Jubilant Energy, part of Jubilant Group, accomodated their diversified needs in Performance Management and completed their Appraisals through Empxtrack. This proves that increasingly companies are realizing the value in HR automation, and the cost savings associated with it,” said Ankur Arora, VP Sales, Empxtrack

About Saigun Technologies and Empxtrack :

Saigun Technologies is a technology group focused on designing HR Management solutions. Saigun pioneers development of integrated, flexible and on-demand solutions for management of human capital. It provides technology to many Fortune 500 companies for various requirements in HR.

Empxtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. The leader among integrated web-based solutions for HR, Empxtrack is powerful enough to handle all 18 functions of HR department through its single window interface and provides comprehensive analytics for critical decision making.

It uniquely combines Performance Management, Compensation Planning, Talent Acquisition, Self and Manager Services, Compliance, Rewards and Recognitions, Manpower Planning, Surveys and a comprehensive Employee Database with advanced search features.

Designed as a SaaS (software-as-a- service) offering, Empxtrack requires Zero-to-minimum investment in hardware and other software components, making it first choice of the organizations that require quick to use solutions with minimum investment in technology.

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