Empxtrack Introduces Trend Analysis to Help Customers Gain Data Insights into Workforce Trends  

Launch of a new feature in Empxtrack- trend analysis to enable businesses identify workforce trends 

Noida, Monday, August 7, 2023 – Empxtrack a leading HR technology provider, released a new feature – trend analysis. This is a forecasting tool that is enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions with regard to future events.

The trend analysis feature in Empxtrack product, displays insights that would help in predicting what’s going to happen, based on what’s already happened. It will help in identifying workforce trends and point to imminent risks or crisis that an organization may face. By collecting and evaluating the trend data, patterns can be identified that may affect a company’s performance over time.

This recently introduced feature, provides data insights for the past 13 months in multiple areas: 

  • Product usage (logins, document storage, workflows)
  • Employee data (employee count, leave, attendance, timesheet)
  • Employee costs (salary and expense payments)
  • Performance (performance evaluations, 360 feedbacks, goalsheet achievements)
  • Employee engagement (social interactions, manager notes)
  • Recruitment (open jobs, candidate database, interviews, offers)

The trends are presented in the form of graphs. These help to spot trends on the number of logins in the application, number of workflows carried out, total document storage, number of employees, leave days, attendance and timesheet hours, salary amount disbursed, expense reimbursements, number of performance evaluations, goalsheet achievements, number of 360 feedback forms, social interactions, manager notes, candidate database, open jobs, number of interviews in a specific month, and more. 

Trend analysis is added to the application home dashboard that displays these insights on the home page itself. It is displayed to authorized employees only.  

trend analysis

Tushar Bhatia, CEO and Founder of Empxtrack said, “Since the beginning, our focus has been on providing innovative HR solutions and we keep coming up with new functionalities that help customers in meeting their business needs. This indicates our commitment to customers.” 

He further added, “We have been running monthly trend data analytics and sharing it with all our customers to help them analyze any employee related challenges that they may be facing currently or any trends that may indicate future challenges. Now the 13 month trend analysis will surely help HR and management to get deeper data insights for continual business growth”.

trend analysis

About Empxtrack

Empxtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. It is one of the most trusted integrated cloud-based HR solutions that automate all areas of the Human Resource department and encourages a paperless environment. 

With a focus on providing customizable and configurable HR products, Empxtrack offers easy-to-use features, integration capabilities and quick implementation services. Gain insights through comprehensive reports and analytics for informed decision making.

Empxtrack uniquely combines Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Compensation Planning, Recruitment, Self and Manager Services, Payroll and Compliance, Rewards and Recognitions, Manpower Planning, Surveys and a comprehensive Employee Database with advanced search features. The software is currently being used by more than 750,000 employees across 20+ countries. And the numbers continue to grow month-over-month.

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