Volume 11, February 2015

 The Information XChange
 Volume 11, February 2015

Letter from the CEO


Greetings Readers,


Welcome to the eleventh issue of Information X Change – Empxtrack’s newsletter for sharing perspectives on the HR space and the latest about Empxtrack’s offerings.


Empxtrack would first like to convey it’s sincere gratitude to all their clients, partners and employees, both current and past, for their contribution, encouragement and support to the growth of Empxtrack as the leading HR software across the world.


This issue of Empxtrack Newsletter highlights the use of Bell Curve in Performance Appraisals – to do or not to do, in addition to insights on Managing Cross-Functional teams. in matrix organizations when your people have dotted line managers whom they report to


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Latest Happenings


Empxtrack celebrated it’s Founder’s Day on 21st January 2015

Empxtrack has been selected for automation of HR Processes across ITES Sector
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Aishwarya Vardhan has joined the Empxtrack team as Manager Strategy and Business Development
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Case Study: Payroll Software Reduces Payroll Complexities For Khanna Paper Mills
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Conducting Performance Appraisals? See If You Should Use Bell Curve Or Not

A bell curve model is a systematic bell-shaped graph that is pronounced in the middle and tapered off at the edges. It assumes that all the employees in a company can be ranked among high, average and non performers

Managing Cross-Functional Teams? Here’s how to measure their performance
This question came up recently, from a man who was marketing a new product for a high-growth company. He was working with the product manager, as well as the marketing manager within the firm. Now, how does this guy prioritize his goals? What does he do in cases of conflicting instructions?
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