Volume 5, February 2014

Letter from the CEO

Greetings Reader,

Welcome to the fifth issue of Information X Change – Empxtrack’s monthly newsletter for sharing perspectives on the HR space and the latest about Empxtrack’s offerings.

In this issue we will highlight the importance of Succession Planning in an organization. This will be further highlighted by a slide share presentation on Road to Succession Planning. There will be a case study on how Empxtrack helped an organization in automating its process to evaluate competencies of its employees.

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Latest Happenings

Empxtrack was ranked among the Top 1% of most viewed in slide share 2013. Empxtrack slide shares can be viewed at

Empxtrack celebrated its founder Day in the company premises. All the employees gathered together in an informal way to celebrate the occasion

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HR Trends Today

Is your organization prepared for a sudden exit of key employees? If a person on key role leaves, then it becomes difficult for the organization to manage its crucial services and operations. Succession planning should not be ignored by any business. Know the steps to implement succession planning in your organization.

Customer Speak
Check out our case study on how an Empxtrack client, who was highly focused on employee development, utilized Empxtrack software for effectively deploying their competency frame work.

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