Volume 6, March 2014

Letter from the CEO

Greetings Reader,

Welcome to the sixth issue of Information X Change – Empxtrack’s monthly newsletter for sharing perspectives on the HR space and the latest about Empxtrack’s offerings.

This issue focuses on the Self Enrollment process for the FREE TRIAL of Empxtrack HR software. It is supported by a slide share presentation. There is a post on how Empxtrack can help in the Cost Reduction of an HR department in any organization.

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Latest Happenings

Empxtrack launched its New Version last month. The users would now be benefitted with all the latest features.
Empxtrack help desk gives a view of all the technical and functional changes
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More customers have opted for EmpXtrack through self enrollment online payment scheme.

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HR Trends Today

How does Empxtrack, an HR Software on Cloud, help in the cost reduction of your HR department? The manual and paper based transactions take 75% of an HR professional time that can easily be saved and channelized in other strategic initiatives of HR. Empxtrack can cut your HR department cost without compromising on efficiency.

Enroll for a Free Trial
Want to enroll for Free a Trial of Empxtrack software? Check out this presentation and follow this step by step guide to enroll for the Free Trial.

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