Volume 7, April 2014

The Information XChange

Volume 7, April 2014

Letter from the CEO

Greetings Reader,

Welcome to the seventh issue of Information X Change – EmpXtrack’s monthly newsletter for sharing perspectives on the HR space and the latest about Empxtrack’s offerings.

This issue focuses on the need for HR automation. How it helps and what are the challenges faced by an organization during HR automation. There is also a post on how an Applicant Tracking system can make the hiring process in an organization very simple. This is supported by a slide share presentation on the Applicant Tracking process.

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HR automation

We are often asked these questions from SME: Can HR automation help us? What are our needs in this area? What will be some of the challenges we will face during HR automation? Read the article that tries to address these questions.

Applicant Tracking System

Any industry can utilize an Applicant Tracking System to manage recruitment in their organization. But do you really need an Applicant Tracking system for your hiring process? Yes! Let us find out why!

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