Volume 8, May 2014

Letter from the CEO

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Welcome to the eighth issue of Information X Change – Empxtrack’s monthly newsletter for sharing perspectives on the HR space and the latest about Empxtrack’s offerings.

This issue focuses on a series of blogs that deal with Effective Performance Management. We will see how Empxtrack with its Performance Management module, assists mangers in quickly completing Performance Appraisal

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Start of a Performance Appraisal

Start of a Performance Appraisal raises mixed emotion in employees, managers and the HR of a company. The HR managers have a significant administrative overhead where they have to push employees and managers to complete this task in a time bound manner. Thus Performance appraisals have a huge impact on the human happiness in an organization.

Performance Management processes
During the execution of the Performance Management processes, HR faces a lot of challenges. Many of these challenges can be addressed by designing a relevant performance appraisal process. Let us understand how Empxtrack Performance Appraisal module helps HR to set up an effective appraisal process.

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