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Get a Cloud-based HRIS, Leave, Attendance and Payroll Software for Free

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COVID-19 has significantly impacted startups and small businesses. With limited cash reserves, businesses are looking at means to mitigate risks and rebound their growth.
To help businesses navigate in these challenging times, Empxtrack is offering Free Payroll to eligible Indian companies.
Try out our Free Payroll on cloud, with complete privacy and security of your data.

Empxtrack Payroll and HR software is “Free Forever” with “No Hidden Charges” for the first 75 employees and has no constraints on usage and access.

A complete self-service product to manage Payroll with Leave, Attendance and full HRIS

Simplify payroll processing and remain statutory compliant

Free payroll

Carry out payroll for the first 75 employees at absolutely no cost and get free access to:

Payroll for India
Ticket management
Employee database (HRIS)
Company policy documents
Leave and Attendance
HR manager tasks
Company directory
Reports and Analytics
Quick configuration options
Step-by-step guide
24×7 Accessibility on cloud
Multiple Upgrade options

Register for Empxtrack to manage:

  • » Employee data
  • » Leave
  • » Attendance
  • » Payroll for India

Note: For more than 75 employees, we offer paid version of Empxtrack with advanced features.

We are committed to protecting the complete privacy and security of your employee data.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Watch the video – Running payroll for the first time

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