Implement Empxtrack 360 Degree Review for Holistic Feedback

Solicit feedback from multiple sources to get insights on employee development needs.

Identify performance gaps and provide constructive and timely feedback to highlight hidden strengths and blind spots.

Empxtrack offers maximum configurability and customization options while configuring 360 feedback solution. The user can easily configure feedback workflow, rules and report to meet company requirements.

Well-Rounded Feedback

Include 360 review as a part of appraisal to know perspective of multiple stakeholders on employee performance & behaviour. Participants evaluate performance against pre-defined competencies.

Better Insight

Get better insight into employees’ strengths, weaknesses and identify employee development needs. Create self-awareness amongst employees.

Bridge Performance Gaps

Highlight latent hurdles and competency gaps anonymously for colleagues, peers, juniors, seniors or others.


View feedback status of a specific plan for all employees


View summary report after getting feedback


Include multiple reviewers


View scores against multiple competencies given by each reviewer


Show reviewer scores against each competency through a radar chart

Gain Real-Time Insights on Performance Gaps and Skill Development Needs


More Reasons to Choose US!

Configurable Features

A single click user interface to configure the respondent approval process or customize forms.

Intuitive Reports & Dashboards

Get intuitive radar charts, reports and dashboards that highlight employee strengths and areas of improvement.

No Training Required

The user interface is supported across multiple devices and supports tips, help notes and FAQs to allow employees to quickly complete the reviews.

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Use Role-based Attributes

Different groups of employees can be allocated different sets of attributes based on their role.

Group Similar Competencies

Empxtrack 360 review allows grouping of competencies across categories for easier rating and analytics.

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Our teams are available 24 x 7.

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