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Set and track goals transparently and objectively with Empxtrack goal setting software. A comprehensive solution that aligns employee goals to business objectives and tracks real-time goal progress of employees.

Try out Empxtrack completely free. An extremely easy-to-use goal setting software that offers numerous configuration and customization options.

Goal setting software

Empxtrack turned out to be the perfect solution for our business as we aimed to introduce a more formal and streamlined annual goal-setting and performance evaluation process in 2018. It is simple to set up, requires minimal time and effort to administer, and user-friendly for our employees. In addition, the customer service team is highly accessible to ask questions and amenable to recommendations for future enhancements. Above all, the system is extremely affordable compared to other solutions on the market.

Janine Ambrose Salina, Director HR, Busch LLC

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Benefits of Empxtrack goal setting and tracking software

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Ensure accountability and clarity in work expectations

Our software provides the employees with transparency and clarity about their goals, by setting mutually discussed goals. With Empxtrack’s goal-setting tool, you can assign weight to each goal to differentiate between critical and non-critical goals. The clarity in goals increases work efficiency, employee productivity, and overall organizational effectiveness.

goal setting app

goal tracking app

goal tracking app

Track real-time performance

Our product allows continuous monitoring of achievements. Track goal progress and achievements at regular intervals. Empxtrack enables employees to capture their achievements periodically and mark goals as not started, partially complete, or complete. Managers can then quickly identify the goal progress and coach their teams.

With Empxtrack, we got a highly customized solution to manage complex appraisal data. The integrated goal setting and appraisal system made it easy to maintain transparency throughout the process. We got a simpler way to record employees’ goal achievements and take their consent on it.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh, Assistant Vice President, Performance & Rewards, UAE Exchange

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Align employee goals with business objectives

With Empxtrack online goal setting software, goals can be stored in job descriptions or at the team or company level to create goal libraries. You can apply the company goals to all or a specific group of employees. These goals are populated automatically in the employee goalsheet. The company goals are divided into different categories. This helps the employees to analyze and focus on their goals better.

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best goal setting app

best goal setting app

Encourage periodic check-ins

Conduct periodic check-ins to discuss challenges faced by employees in achieving their goals. Empxtrack goal setting software enables managers to track goal progress and provide feedback in real-time.

With our best goal setting software, managers can document their team members’ performance and use that information during appraisals and training (TNI). Moreover, they can take remedial measures to help employees in achieving their goals. Get the most comprehensive goal tracker software solution with Empxtrack.

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Cascade company goals, track goal achievements, mentor and guide employees
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Complete visibility in employee goal completion status

Our software allows multiple participants to participate in the goal setting and tracking process. It provides complete visibility to all stakeholders on any employee’s goal completion status and yet allows role-based access for full security. The software gives managers better visibility to improve performance conversations and keep employees engaged and focused.

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Southern College of Optometry has successfully automated our performance management system with Empxtrack as our partner. They have provided us with customized online tools for both our introductory and annual review processes. We have enjoyed the support of a dedicated and responsive Account Manager who provides ongoing virtual training to our system administrators. Because the Empxtrack platform is integrated through ADP, data management is streamlined and our HR team can spend time on the more important and value-added aspects of our job over the typical administrative burdens associated with performance management.

Tracy B. Lindow, Executive Director of Human Resources, Southern College of Optometry

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professional goal setting

A self configurable, easy to use goal setting software

With Empxtrack, you can now access the most intuitive and easy to use goal setting and tracking software. We believe in providing you with a user-friendly yet highly self configurable and customizable tool that maps your exact needs. Our goal setting and tracking solution provides multiple configuration options to modify complex workflows, goal tracking methods, rules and permissions, ratings, etc. Empxtrack also offers pre-configured goals to maximize the value of goal setting software for your employees.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk! Create upto 25 goalsheets for one month at absolutely no cost

At Empxtrack, we aim to provide you with the best goal setting and tracking software. Empxtrack mitigates risk by offering you upto 25 free goalsheets for one month. Try the software before you buy.

Start using the product without any constraint on usage and access. In addition, you can keep adding more functionality as you need.

Mitigate Risk

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Increase employee performance with an effective Goal setting and Tracking Software

Key Features

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Add unlimited employee goals in each goalsheet
  • Configurable goal attributes to map company requirement
  • Continuous performance feedback from employees, manager and other stakeholders
  • Full control on goal visibility based on different roles

Other Benefits

  • Employee database
  • Self services portal with employee login, company directory, calendar, social feeds
  • Options to add for free – appraisal, 360 feedback, exit, leave, attendance, payroll, timesheet, applicant tracking, onboarding, and more


› Free version offers upto 25 goalsheets for one month and get more than 25 role based goals
› Enterprise product offers a completely customizable Goal Setting software

*Credit card not required.


System will remind employees to fill in achievements periodically


Divide goals into categories for easier analysis and focus in multiple areas


Setup goal weights to identify high priority goals


Quickly capture and view achievements


Divide the goals into tasks and measures to mentor and guide employees.


Quickly view the status of goalsheets across the company


View goal achievements and take remedial actions in a timely manner if achievements are slipping

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Some key highlights of our goal setting software

  • Add and modify goals throughout the year.
  • Goal libraries to start your goal setting process.
  • Multiple customization options to map your company’s needs.
  • Auto-generated reminders to remind employees to capture goal achievements periodically.
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports on goalsheet status and employee goal achievement.

Find the best goal setting and tracking software for your company. Set SMART goals and ensure your growth.

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Features of Empxtrack goal setting software

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Highly customizable and configurable goalsheets that meet your exact needs

Get the best goal setting software with Empxtrack. The software is highly configurable and customizable that easily maps to your existing goal setting and tracking processes. Our software allows you to configure:

  • Workflow for goal sheet creation and approvals
  • Goal attributes such as weight, category, description, and more
  • Cascading options to link company and manager goals to employee goals for maximum alignment
  • Archival of the old goal sheet

Track your goals online and stay on the right track for growth with Empxtrack. Take a free trial today.

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Setup SMART goals

Set SMART goals with our goal setting solution. With Empxtrack goal setting software, your managers and employees can set and track SMART employee goals aligned to business objectives.

  • Specific – Specify the goals that you need to achieve
  • Measurable – Set a measurable indicator
  • Assignable – Assign tasks to a specific employee
  • Resources – List out the help you need
  • Time-related – Set a realistic timeline

With Empxtrack, you can solicit continuous performance feedback from employees, managers and other stakeholders.

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Agile goal-setting with Empxtrack

Experience the most agile goal setting process with us. Review and update employee goals to map their ever-evolving job responsibilities. Empxtrack associates each goal with tasks and measures (KPIs), monthly breakups, goal weights, and timelines. With our software, you can set up goal weights to identify high-priority goals and track goal progress continuously. Get the best goal tracking software with Empxtrack.

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Simplify your goal allocation process with pre-configured goals for multiple roles

Empxtrack goal setting software supports multiple-goal allocation mechanisms, including top-down, job description based, team-based and self-created goal allocation approaches.

The software offers more than 25+ role based goals for quick goal setting. Goals are available for various departments such as management, human resources, marketing, sales, technology and more. An employee’s goal sheet is created with applicable goals automatically.

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Upload goal libraries to kickstart your goal setting process

Our goal management software maps to your unique needs and existing goal-setting process. You can upload your existing goal libraries in Empxtrack.

This ensures a quick start to your goal setting process. Also, our software allows you to import all your current goal sheets. Get the best goal setting software solution to track your business goals with Empxtrack.

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Goal cascading across the organization or teams

Empxtrack goal setting software makes your goal management process easy. Our software supports goal cascading, wherein a senior-level employee can cascade goals to their team members and also cross-functional team members. This allows alignment across the organization, allows work allocation across teams, and adds clarity in goal achievement.

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Intuitive reports and dashboards with Empxtrack goal setting software

Gain insights on goal sheet status and achievements through full data reports and dashboards. Our software enables managers and the leadership to make informed decisions on employee performance and achievements. Get the best goal setting software with Empxtrack.

Why choose Empxtrack - the best goal setting program?

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Pre configured templates

Empxtrack goal setting software provides pre-configured templates to setup easily achievable and realistic goals for employees. You can build your own templates too. A well-planned goal management process motivates your team to reach your business objectives.

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Completely secure

We have all your data protected with 256-bit security, and many advanced security features. All your data remains encrypted in our data centers. Get the most secure employee appraisal software now. Your privacy is our priority!


Seamless integration

You can easily integrate empxtrack goal setting software with other HR and management tools. This ensures a single system of records and data that is always current. The integration helps in avoiding manual data feeds and updates and the associated errors that come up because of manual methods.

24×7 Customer Support

24×7 support

You can always connect with our team, who are available 24×7. Empxtrack provides self-training tutorials, online help, product guides and other resources for better understanding of the product.

Feel free to contact us anytime. Read what our customers say about our commitment to supporting them

SMART goal setting with Empxtrack

Set, track, and achieve goals effectively with our goal setting software. Manage your goals and grow in the right direction with Empxtrack.

Process of goal setting with Empxtrack

  • First, the goal sheet rules and permissions are configured by HR.
  • Then the goal sheet is initiated either by the HR or manager.
  • The selected employees are notified about their goal sheet creation.
  • Employees can add goals and KPIs along with their weight. This helps in identifying critical and non-critical goals.
  • The goal sheet goes to the manager for editing, adding or deleting goals.

With Empxtrack, employees can capture achievements at regular intervals, and managers can easily track employee goal progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of goal setting work in Empxtrack?

Empxtrack encourages the participation of managers and employees to set up mutually agreed-to goals. You can configure the workflow as per your company requirements.

The process starts with the configuration of goal sheet rules and permissions set by the HR manager.

At the beginning of the year, depending on your company’s workflow, the goal sheet is initiated either by HR or the manager.

The selected employees are notified about their goal sheet initiation.

Employees add goals and assign weights to prioritize them. These goals are further divided into tasks and measures (KPIs) with estimated timelines to complete goals.

The goal sheet is then submitted to the manager for review. Managers can edit or add and delete goals before accepting the goal sheet.

Now that employees have clarity on their work expectations, they can periodically update their achievements and goal progress. Managers can also input notes with complete confidentiality for future reference.

Can goals be changed or added in mid-year?

Yes, Empxtrack allows you to add and modify goals throughout the year. This can be configured based on your company’s needs. Find the best goal setting software solution with us. Request a demo now.

Do you provide customization options to map our existing needs?

Empxtrack offers multiple customization options to map to your company’s needs without modifying your processes. Get the most comprehensive goal management software for your company with us. Set and track your goals the smart way and ensure maximum growth.

What if my employees do not fill in goal achievements at the right time?

You can set auto-generated reminders to ask employees to capture goal achievements periodically.

How can I link company goals to that of employees throughout the company?

Empxtrack supports goal cascading that allows alignment of company or manager goals with employee goals.

If your organization follows top-to-down goal setting, make sure to configure the option that allows employees to copy company/ manager goals to their goal sheet.

Find the best goal setting tools with Empxtrack. Schedule your demo today. Contact us now.

Can I configure the product according to my requirements?

Yes! With Empxtrack, you have multiple configuration options to modify complex workflows, goal tracking methods, ratings, etc. Get the best goal tracking tool with Empxtrack. Manage your goals in the most effective ways. Schedule a demo today.

Are there any reports and dashboards available for managers and leaders that clarify the team and individual achievements?

Empxtrack offers multiple reports and intuitive dashboards on goal sheet status and employee goal achievements. The dashboards give a bird’s eye view of goal progress to the leaders and managers. This allows better coaching and training opportunities.

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