Empxtrack Pay for Performance – A Motivation and Retention Tool

Establish a fair compensation system to reward employees for their exceptional performance. Align employee goals with the incentive plans.

With Empxtrack Pay for performance, automate calculation of variable pay based on employee’s goal achievements. Incentive based goals keep the workforce aligned to business objectives.

Create structure for variable pay plans

Create Different Plans for Different Employee Groups

Your workforce has many different types of employees with different types of targets.

With Empxtrack Pay for Performance module, build different kinds of Variable Performance schemes and include attributes such as Sales performance, Attendance, Goal Achievements, Organization for recognizing and rewarding employees.

Link Employee Performance to Compensation

Empxtrack’s Pay for Performance module allows HR teams and managers to accurately compensate employees for their performance.

Proper calibration of these two builds trust and increases engagement levels within the workforce.

variable pay for perforamance software
View variable pay program targets and policy

Maintain and Reinforce Critical Business Goals

Critical goals (such as profitability, revenue growth, market share) can be included in Variable Pay plans for all employees. This encourages accountability amongst employees.

View how Pay for Performance works


Empxtrack Pay For Performance module infuses accountability in your workforce.

More Reasons to Choose Us!

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Manage Performance Sheet

Create performance sheet for each employee by setting relative weights for multiple performance metrics.

View Variable Pay Targets

Send messages to employees to allow them to view their variable pay targets.

Performance Matrix

Provide a matrix to map Performance Achievement with Performance Score for each employee.

Automate Compensation Updates

Automatically calculate performance bonus for each employee and notify them to review details.

Export Bonus into Payroll Software

Provide hassle-free mechanism to import Variable Pay data to external payroll software.

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Our teams are available 24×7.

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