Pay for Performance

Set up a fair compensation system to reward employees with Empxtrack pay for performance.

Align employee goals with the incentive plans. Create multiple variable pay schemes that are based on sales, performance, attendance, and business objectives.

Pay for performance

Benefits of Empxtrack
pay for performance - a motivation and retention tool

Empxtrack pay for performance enables employees to be fairly compensated for their performance. With the help of this software, a company can implement a flexible variable pay system. Pay for performance benefits are mentioned below.

pay for performance system

Support key business goals with
pay-for-performance system

Empxtrack ensures that your workforce remains happy and motivated at the same time. It carries out a compensation program that encourages employees to achieve their individual and departmental goals. Moreover, the software encourages employees to be responsible and consistent in their contributions to the organizational goals.

pay for performance system
pay for performance plan

Boost employee engagement by rewarding top performers

It has been seen, that managers frequently find it difficult to motivate employees on a daily basis. Whereas competitive pay is one of the best ways to motivate employees such that they perform better. Hence, Empxtrack identifies top performers and links their performance with incentive plans. This increases employee engagement and builds a committed workforce.

variable pay scheme

Increase employee motivation and productivity with Empxtrack employee pay for performance

Our software encourages employers to compensate employees for their exceptional performance.

You can implement variable pay schemes for instance, that keep employees focused and motivated. Besides,  surveys show that motivated employees work 50% more efficiently than those who are underpaid. Hence create a more productive and energetic work environment. Let the variable pay schemes benefit both employers and employees.

variable pay scheme
employee pay for performance

Encourage a system of fair performance evaluation and rewards

One of the issues with regards to employee disengagement is manager bias. But, Empxtrack helps you evaluate an employee’s performance and provide incentives in an open and unbiased way. You can create a holistic system to evaluate employee performance as a result.  Also, reward employees based on their variable targets.

To request Empxtrack free demo, connect with us today. Find the best pay for performance software with Empxtrack

pay for performance software

Promote competitiveness with pay for performance

You can create a positive yet competitive work environment as a result of a performance-linked compensation system. Furthermore, boost employee productivity by increasing employee competition. Reward employees for their achievements and encourage healthy competition within the company, as a result. Consequently, you can build a high-performing and dedicated workforce with Empxtrack pay for performance model.

pay for performance software
Incentive plans

Increase employee retention and reduce employee turnover rate

Research suggests that employees are more likely to quit within 6 months if they are dissatisfied with their job. Hence, appreciate their hard work and reward your top performers with incentives as well

Empxtrack helps you improve employee retention. Make sure employees are fairly compensated. Motivate them when they perform well and exceed your expectations.

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Create variable pay plans


Configure settings to map your requirements


Calculate and distribute accurate variable pay

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Features of Empxtrack pay for performance

pay for performance for healthcare

Link performance with pay

You can easily align employee goals with compensation and incentive plans using Empxtrack pay for performance. In fact, you can incentivize your employees based on a number of factors, including the organization’s, department’s, team’s, and individual’s performance. This ensures that employees are always engaged and productive.

variable pay software

Multiple variable pay plans

With Empxtrack, you can create multiple pay-for-performance plans for different employee groups. In addition, our software provides several plans specifically for pay for performance in healthcare. Variable pay plans can include important objectives like revenue growth, profitability, and market share. For recognising and rewarding employees, you can look at things like sales performance, attendance, and goal accomplishments.

pay for performance software benefits

Data insights with metrics

Empxtrack offers detailed reports that give insights and help in quick decision making. In fact, it provides a matrix that connects each employee’s performance achievement to their performance scores. With the software, you can allow managers and HR to analyze variable scores and make informed decisions on variable pay distribution.

pay for performance model

Integration with payroll software

The employee pay for performance software easily integrates with payroll software. The integration then helps to avoid recurring data entries that saves time and effort. It also helps to sync data and make automatic updates in multiple HR applications simultaneously.

workforce planning and budgeting

Automate compensation updates with Empxtrack pay for performance system

Automatically calculate each employee’s performance bonus and notify them of the results. This feature instils a sense of responsibility in all employees to improve their performance and meet incentive goals. Our software makes your employees’ performance bonuses and incentives for meeting variable targets transparent.

Variable pay plan sheets

Variable pay plan sheets of Empxtrack employee pay for performance

Empxtrack provides variable pay plan sheets that include information about the employee’s score, eligible variable pay, and calculated variable pay. Our simple pay for performance solution accurately calculates variable pay eligibility based on a variety of factors.

More reasons to choose Empxtrack pay for performance

pay for performance employee

View variable pay targets with Empxtrack employee pay for performance

Allow HR to send messages to employees to view their variable pay targets. In this way, employees get clear visibility of their goals. Thus, they are motivated to work hard, achieve variable pay targets and improve overall productivity.

24×7 Customer Support

Access 24×7 support

Empxtrack pay for performance offers user-friendly features with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Empxtrack provides online help and self-training tutorials to help you understand the product features. Our customer support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

best workforce management tools

Simplify performance management

Keep a track of past and present appraisal data with details of employee performance. Managers can then make informed decisions about incentive plans. In addition, they can identify strengths and weaknesses, and create most suitable employee development plans.

bonus pay for performance

Export bonus into payroll software with Empxtrack pay for performance

An automated pay for performance tool makes it easy to export data in a third party payroll software. Empxtrack makes it simple to import variable pay data to an external payroll software. Seamless data import and export results into accurate payroll processing.

Invest in Empxtrack employee pay for performance software

To ensure employee motivation and satisfaction, use Empxtrack to develop performance-linked incentive plans.

Moreover, you can set pay for performance plans for different employee groups. Empxtrack pay for performance thus ensures that your employees are compensated based on their variable targets and performance.

With our pay for performance solution, you can get:

  • Quick integration with payroll software
  • Automated compensation updates
  • Performance linked compensation
  • Multiple variable pay plans
  • Variable pay plan sheets
  • Detailed reports and dashboards
  • 24×7 customer support
  • and more

Take a free demo of Empxtrack pay for performance software now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pay for performance?

Pay for performance is a compensation program to reward employees for their performance. It is a systematic process that incentivizes employees’ performance through salary, bonuses or other benefits.It is also called variable pay or performance pay.

Pay-for-performance compensation is used by businesses to encourage employees to perform better. Thus, employees who meet or exceed work expectations are allowed to get variable pay.

With the help of Empxtrack pay for performance, a company can implement a flexible variable pay system.

What is pay for performance in healthcare?

Pay for performance in healthcare is a payment model that improves the quality, efficiency, and overall value of healthcare. This salary or incentive based system significantly increases the quality of work in hospitals and care provided to patients.

Calculated variable pay = (Variable score /100) x Eligible variable pay

The eligible variable pay amount may vary for each employee depending upon their designation and current remuneration.

How does Empxtrack pay for performance help employers?

Empxtrack ensures your employees take up accountability for their work.

  • You can create various compensation plans for different employee groups in your organization.
  • HR can link employee performance with incentives, rewards, and other perks.
  • You can encourage your employees to strengthen business goals.

In addition, the variable pay system promotes competitiveness among employees and encourages them to work harder.

What is pay for performance compensation?

Pay for performance compensation is the earnings of an employee based on their performance. Employees are incentivized or rewarded for their excellent performance. Since employee goals are aligned with the incentive plans. Employees are given incentives for meeting specific goals as per a performance-related pay program.

What is a pay for performance system?

A pay for performance system is also called a variable pay program. It is a payment method where employees are rewarded for their exceptional performance. You can also say that variable pay is the additional wages paid to employees for excellent productivity.

For instance – In a recruitment agency, the recruiters are given incentives for filling a vacant position. Employees earn incentives for as many hirings they do.

How does pay for performance work?

A pay for performance method is used to evaluate individual performance and decide incentive amounts for employees.

In short, an employee’s performance is measured in terms of variable score. You can use Empxtrack pay for performance to calculate variable pay for employees.

The software uses a formula to calculate the variable pay.

Calculated variable pay = (Variable score /100) x Eligible variable pay

You can calculate the variable score by evaluating employee goal achievement at the end of the pay period. In fact, the system automatically calculates the variable pay.The eligible variable pay amount may vary for each employee depending upon their designation and current remuneration.

What is a pay for performance plan?

Pay for performance plan is a type of compensation plan. The employees are paid based on their performance rather than a fixed salary. It is often used in areas such as sales where the employees depend on bonuses and commissions.

A pay for performance plan is also known as a variable pay plan.

Empxtrack allows you to create unique variable pay plans for each employee group.

Configure each plan to modify workflows, visibility rights, goal attributes, weight rules, and other details. A pay for performance plan contains targets that are assigned to employees. These could be from a variable pay sheet or the employee goal sheet. With Empxtrack, you can configure variable pay plan settings to map your company requirements.

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