Improve Your Training Allocation Process with an Online Training Management Software

Simplify training management process with well-defined workflow, and reduce time & costs needed to maintain multiple training programs.

Empxtrack manages training data in a centralized location and effectively maps competency gaps, identifies training needs, allocates suitable training programs, collects training feedback and measures effectiveness of a training program.

With Empxtrack Training Management software, create employee development programs and improve overall company performance. Increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Manage training records programs allocation employees

Reinvent Your Training Administration

A well-trained workforce typically assures better performance but training programs are fraught with administrative hassles.

Empxtrack Training Management module supports you right through the entire process from the initial request to the capture of training feedback.

Identify Skills and Competency Gaps

Empxtrack Training Management module helps you conduct a unique ‘training need assessment’ as also integrates with the Performance Appraisal to identify the skill and competency gaps in your workforce.

HR managers can use this module to fill those gaps by allocating the most appropriate training interventions.

Manage skills job descriptions, Test and Training Assesment
Employee training Database and calendar

Centralize Training Database

Empxtrack Training Management module allows you to access, analyze and manage all your employees’ training metrics at one common place.

It also allows you to maintain a database of all trainers, training locations and cost.

Learning is a constant process, so hone unique skills of your workforce and prepare them to take the next big challenge.

More Reasons to Choose Us!

Employee Skill Inventory

Empxtrack maintains a skill sheet for each employee. It also maintains minimum acceptable skills and competency level needed for each job position.

Training Assessment

Training need identification workflow identifies training requirements for each employee and helps managers to prepare annual development plan.

Maintain Training Database

Training Managers can easily create  comprehensive training calendars & maintain database of training programs, trainer details, locations, etc.

Capture Feedback

Captures feedback from trainees & trainers on completion of the training program. Managers can also map skill gap analysis post training completion.

performance apraisals icon

Real-Time Reports

Allows users to create 15+ detailed real-time reports on training allocation, costs, time spent, change requests, status and more.

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface. Our teams are available 24×7.

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