Empxtrack 360 Degree Feedback for Free*

An easy to use software that
solicits feedback from various sources

  • Quick Setup
  • Multiple Configuration options
  • Step-by-step Guide
  • 24×7 Availability on cloud
  • Multiple Upgrade options

Watch the video on how to enroll for Empxtrack

Conduct feedback for 2 employees at absolutely no cost

Configurable rating scale
Configurable 360 feedback form
Comprehensive reports
Reviewer list creation
Radar chart
Comparative competency rating

A multi rater unbiased assessment tool
for a well rounded view of performance and behavior

360 degree feedback

Video Gallery

How to initiate 360 feedback
for an employee

How to complete 360 feedback
as a reviewer?

*T&C apply
Empxtrack 360 Degree Feedback is Free for 2 employees.
Purchase options available for more employee feedbacks, additional feedback plans, advanced configurations and additional features such as HRIS, Appraisal, Exit and many more.

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