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Web-Based Recruitment Software

An easy-to-use and highly customizable solution. Empxtrack web-based recruitment software accelerates hiring and employee onboarding.

Web-Based Recruitment Software

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Recruit, Hire and Onboard Top Talent
Using Empxtrack Web-Based Recruitment Software

Take Care of Recruitment Challenges from Sourcing to Hiring to Onboarding with Empxtrack Web-Based Recruitment Software!

An Easy-to-Use, Highly Configurable and
Effective Web-Based Recruitment Software

Easy-to-Use Cloud-Based Recruitment Software

Accelerate hiring and employee onboarding with an easy-to-use and highly customizable Empxtrack Web-Based Recruitment software. Speed up recruitment functions by sending the right message at the right time to attract top talent.

Empxtrack is successfully integrated with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks that offers more than 3,000 ready-to-use job descriptions across multiple job families. The integrated solution adds more value to the talent management offerings.

Empxtrack has been smartly designed to manage resumes, short-list candidates, schedule interviews, generate offers and on-board candidates seamlessly. Organizations opt this world-class solution to reduce time-to-hire and save additional costs involved in the recruitment process. Use features such as mobile support and smart posting to help attract the talent you need.

Choosing to switch to Empxtrack has been a game-changer for us. The efficiency and convenience it has brought to our HR processes are truly remarkable. With this new HRMS in place, everything from recruitment to payroll processing & exit has become a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy both for HR & our employees to navigate and complete tasks with ease. Empxtrack also understood our customization requirements quite well and delivered the system as promised. The support and training provided were exceptional. Our new HRMS has revolutionized the way we manage HR processes, saving us time and improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to streamline their HR Operations.

Roopsi Bhardwaj | HR Consultant | IFI Techsolutions Pvt Ltd

Modules of Empxtrack
Recruitment software

Empxtrack Applicant Tracking Software

Attract and Retain Talent
Empxtrack applicant tracking system provides a smooth experience to all candidates and makes the recruitment process easy and effective.

Optimize recruiting process by managing resumes, exploring multiple channels, short listing candidates, scheduling interviews and sending offer letters.

Empxtrack ATS assists recruiters to store past job requisitions, filter candidate profiles, send automatic response to applicants, create a database of job posting, link vacancies with job descriptions, parse resumes, and do more while avoiding applicant tracking mistakes.

Empxtrack Applicant Tracking Software

Empxtrack is a superb tool for HR Alignment and process integration. It adds fantastic value to the organization. The team quickly understood our needs and configured the software to match our HR processes. All work flows were adapted according to our organization structure, hierarchy and processes and data was loaded for a quick go-live.

Sujeet S.Rajawat | HR Manager | Emychem Limited

Empxtrack Employee Onboarding Software

Empxtrack Employee Onboarding Software

Engage New Hires
Automate your on-boarding process and seamlessly connect new hires to all the resources they need to make on-boarding a stress free and error free process.

Empxtrack onboarding tool helps in accelerating employee productivity and it can be seamlessly integrated with other HR tools that quickly syncs data and saves time in data entry.

Empower and engage new hires and set them on the right track for growth. Empxtrack brings the best employee onboarding software to offer a smooth transition for new hires.

The team understood our challenges and offered the best solution. We would like to thank them for quick implementation and being highly responsive to our issues. We appreciate their willingness to provide excellent customer support that has helped us All the very best to the team and I’m sure you are up to do wonders.

Ajay Shukla | Manager Human Resources | Aircheck