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Speed up your hiring process with Empxtrack Applicant Tracking System

Let our robust ATS software manage all aspects of recruitment. Empxtrack applicant tracking system provides a smooth experience to all candidates and makes the recruitment process easy and effective.

applicant tracking system

Benefits of Empxtrack applicant tracking system

An organization should always try to enhance a candidate’s experience at each stage of the hiring process. With an applicant tracking system, ensure a seamless candidate experience with reduced time-to-hire. Use Empxtrack ATS to automate and streamline the recruitment process.

Empxtrack ATS lets recruiters review, accept and manage resumes easily. It speeds up candidate sourcing, applicant selection, interview scheduling, and simplifies letter management.

With our software, candidate relationship management (CRM) becomes efficient, as it lets recruiters create a talent pipeline for future Hiring.

Global organizations use Empxtrack to provide a smooth candidate experience and speed up their hiring process by selecting the top talent or potential hires.

applicant tracking system for small business

Simplify candidate sourcing, filtering, and tracking with Empxtrack applicant tracking software

Often hundreds of candidates apply for a job post, and responding to each of them on time is challenging. Late replies can alienate worthy applicants. It may even affect the company’s reputation.

Empxtrack understands these problems. Our ATS helps you streamline your hiring and selection process and identify suitable candidates. Recruiters can efficiently study, receive, and manage a high volume of resumes and find the top talent. Empower recruiters and hiring managers by giving them the best applicant tracking tool and enable them to make the right hiring decisions with Empxtrack ATS.

applicant tracking system for small business

applicant tracking system free

applicant tracking system free

Access and assess a large applicant pool with our applicant tracking system software

To assess a suitable applicant for a job, a recruiter needs to gather and organize the candidate’s information. Our ATS helps you organize all relevant information, include or exclude resumes based on the job descriptions.

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Enhance candidate experience with an effective applicant tracking system

Job seekers look for other job opportunities in case of a delayed reply. In comparison, a candidate who has a positive experience during hiring becomes a dedicated employee. Our ATS will make the hiring process efficient and put a good impression on an applicant.

Empxtrack ATS enables you to integrate your company’s career portal with relevant social media platforms. This feature makes it possible for applicants to apply for jobs via their social media profiles easily. It even allows candidates to submit job applications for multiple vacancies without filling out different forms. They can apply for jobs by logging in with their LinkedIn accounts, making the process easier.

Candidate experience plays a pivotal role during talent acquisition. Whether you hire candidates or not, if you can make their interview process smooth, they will become your vocal supporters.

top applicant tracking systems

applicant tracking system for recruiters

applicant tracking system for recruiters

Analyze recruitment metrics to craft better hiring strategies by using Empxtrack applicant tracking system for recruiters

Our ATS analyzes recruitment metrics and helps you fine-tune your hiring strategies.

The tracking system measures data on criteria like time-to-fill, retention, cost-per-hire, turnover, and effectiveness. With deep analysis of recruitment metrics, recruiters can make data-backed decisions to make recruitment campaigns more effective.

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Ensure better management of the hiring process

With the help of Empxtrack ATS, HR managers can create suitable job requirements. Our applicant tracking system approves qualified candidates who have the necessary skills and experience. Improve the quality of hire and eliminate those who fail to meet the needs. Reduce time-to-fill vacant job positions and minimize costs associated with a vacancy.

applicant tracking system examples

applicant tracking software companies

applicant tracking software companies

Make job postings easy with the applicant tracking system for small business

Empxtrack ATS enables HR and managers to post job vacancies. Our ATS integrates with multiple career portals, social media sites, staffing partners, and third-party job boards for job listings.

With Empxtrack applicant tracking system, the recruiter can collect resumes and shortlist eligible applications for the published positions. It allows recruiters to parse resumes, configure fields and questionnaires easily to make an informed decision without wasting time.

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Assign tests and simplify interview scheduling

View upcoming tests and interviews in just a few clicks.

Assign tests to qualified candidates and assess their capabilities and skills. With Empxtrack’s applicant tracking software, HR managers can easily organize multiple interviews and examine shortlisted candidates based on their merits.

best applicant tracking systems

applicant tracking system software

applicant tracking system software

Applicant tracking system software reduces hiring expenses

A company can save a significant amount of hiring costs with our ATS. Researches reveal that 90% of big businesses and 50% of medium-sized companies use cloud-based tracking software to analyze return on investments.

By helping you analyze recruitment metrics, Empxtrack ATS enables you to calculate the ROI with ease. Use the insights to bring cost-effective measures in business operations.

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View dashboard with exits, requisitions and joinings for a period


Identify total days taken to fill a vacant job position


Create a new job position


View upcoming interviews and input feedback


Schedule interviews for the shortlisted candidates


Apply or refer a friend for internal jobs


Check open job requests for multiple departments

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Main features of our job applicant tracking system

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Custom workflows

Empxtrack gives you the option to customize workflows to map the existing recruitment process in your organization. You can get multiple customized workflows to create job requests, publish jobs, schedule interviews, and more. A better workflow yields better outcomes, leading to cost-efficiency and high productivity.

job applicant tracking system

Candidate keyword search

Accessing every applicant is time-consuming and confusing. Applicant tracking system stores all candidates’ information in the database and highlights the ones that fit the given job description. Our keyword search feature helps recruiters shortlist and identify the ideal interviewee for the next recruitment stage.

Auto generated offer letters

Auto-generated offer letters

Empxtrack applicant tracking system lets HR managers send auto-generated offer letters to the selected applicants. This feature comes in handy when there is mass Hiring. It takes only a few minutes to access the predefined offer letter template and personalize it with candidate details. Once it is ready, email the offer letter to the candidate with just a click.

Job vacancy posting

Job vacancy posting

Empxtrack supports publishing jobs for both internal and external candidates on your company career page. HR and managers can create new job requests to reach out to potential hires—post jobs on multiple career sites, third-party job boards, and recruitment agencies’ websites simultaneously. Empxtrack supports publishing jobs for both internal and external candidates.


Integration with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

Empxtrack ATS integrates seamlessly with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks. The integrated solution offers more than 3,000 ready-to-use job descriptions. Get training references, related competencies, skills, proficiencies, interview questions, and coaching statements for each job role.

Automatic reminders

Automatic reminders

Empxtrack ATS helps HR simplify tasks like interview scheduling, conducting tests, and sending notifications to the candidates and interviewers. There is an auto-generated reminder to reach out to shortlisted applicants. Our software integrates with any calendar application and email.

Resume parser

Resume parser

Empxtrack has an integrated resume parser that analyzes resumes from different career or social media portals. Empxtrack archives previously submitted resumes for future consideration.

Reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards

Through a Recruitment ageing details report, analyze the time taken to fill an open position. Calculate the total time from the creation of recruitment requests to the day the open position is closed. Empxtrack also provides an intuitive dashboard to find available job requests for multiple departments. Get details on the job opening, hiring efficiency, time-to-hire, joining date, and more.

More reasons to choose Empxtrack online applicant tracking system

Prepare future leaders

Easy to use
applicant tracking

Our software is user-friendly. HR managers or recruiters won’t need special training to use it, as the features are easy to understand. Various blogs, helpful tips, and FAQs are available for users to know how the software works.

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Safe and secure application tracking system for recruiters

We understand how important your data is; our software won’t fall victim to hacking. Your information is secure because we encrypt all employee data with 256-bit encryption on our world-class data centers.

A globally-renowned online top applicant tracking system

Organizations are using Empxtrack all across the world. We count many significant enterprises and brands among our clients who have expressed their satisfaction. Try it for yourself, and see the difference it makes in your recruitment process.

Design Training Program

Integration with HR tools

Empxtrack easily integrates with other HR tools through API integration. Incorporate Empxtrack with your company website to publish open job positions. Our software will help you post multiple job vacancies on different portals.

Completely configurable

Empxtrack offers multiple configuration options to map your requirements. With Empxtrack ATS, you can configure relevant fields, prepare questionnaires, design approval processes, and use 3,000+ job descriptions as per specification.

24×7 Customer Support

We provide 24×7 support

You can always connect with our team, who are available 24×7. Empxtrack provides self-training tutorials, online help, product guides, and other resources to understand the product better.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We feel honored to help you with all your concerns regarding all products and services.

Invest in Empxtrack applicant tracking software

Your company’s growth largely depends upon the skilled workforce you hire. Hence hiring top talent becomes crucial. But hiring is not an easy task; it costs money, time, and effort.

A lengthy recruitment process has its impact on job seekers and employer branding.

With our applicant tracking system, recruitment becomes streamlined and straightforward.

Simplify recruitment process with Empxtrack job applicant tracking system

  • Easy to set up
  • Highly customizable
  • Easily configurable
  • Has a step-by-step guide
  • 24×7 support access

Get access to Empxtrack applicant tracking software now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of top applicant tracking systems?

ATS or applicant tracking system streamlines the end-to-end hiring process. The primary goal is to find out suitable applicants based on their experience and skill sets. Empxtrack ATS helps recruiters to manage the entire recruiting process from receiving applications to hiring employees efficiently.

Empxtrack helps in candidate sourcing, job posting, shortlisting candidates, interview scheduling, offer letter generation, and much more. It has a keyword feature that allows recruiters to shortlist the most qualified candidates and helps recruiters to shortlist the most qualified candidates and save time.

Can I configure Empxtrack ATS to meet my requirements?

Yes, you can configure Empxtrack ATS as per your requirements and recruitment workflow. Multiple configuration options are available for recruitment request creation, job publishing, candidate search setup, enable or disable interviews/ tests, setup candidate questionnaire, and much more.

Is it possible for ATS software to simplify the lengthy hiring process or mass recruitment?

Best applicant tracking systems simplify the selection and hiring process. The recruiter can store job requisitions and quickly filter candidate profiles. Features such as automatic responses, in-built job descriptions, and job posting database make recruitment easy to handle. ATS avoids mistakes that often happen during mass hiring. Empxtrack ATS improves candidate experience while improving the efficiency of the entire hiring process.

How do I publish jobs using Empxtrack?

It takes only a few minutes to create a new job request. Specify the job description, closing date, number of candidates required, and a few more details. It’s that simple!

The job request goes through an approval process before the recruiter works on it.

What is the success rate if I invest in a job applicant tracking system?

Linkedin Talent Solution conducted a global survey in 2015. The survey reported that talent specialists observed a 27% success rate in hiring white-collar professionals through ATS. Further, it estimates that more than 60% of all companies, whether big or small, have some ATS. Many business analysts predicted that ATS successfully deals with workforce crises. Investing in Empxtrack ATS will be a wise choice to make.

How much money can a company save by using ATS?

A company can save $3,500 per new hire. ATS reduces hiring costs significantly as it eliminates ineligible candidates during recruitment. Choosing the wrong candidate costs more. With multiple features finding a talented workforce is easy.

Do risk factors increase when one uses an applicant tracking system?

No, it does not. More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS for managing their recruitment process. A recruiting software makes things relatively easy and simplifies the workflow. Empxtrack offers 24×7 customer support to answer your queries and help you understand how ATS works.

How does Empxtrack simplify interview scheduling?

Empxtrack offers an intuitive online platform to schedule interviews and assign test coordinators and interviewers for the shortlisted candidates with a click of a button.

Systematic planning saves time that goes into coordinating with interviewers and completing formalities. The system also sends auto-generated reminders to each interviewer on the day of the interview. The interviews are on time, and candidates do not have to wait much. It leaves a good lasting impression on the candidates and improves their experience as well.

You may like to go through a case study on how Empxtrack simplified interview scheduling and improved candidate experience.

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