Engage and Empower New Hires with Empxtrack Employee Onboarding Software

Streamline and simplify employee onboarding process for the employer and the new employee by going paperless with Empxtrack Employee Onboarding software. Share pre-onboarding package to speed up the entire process and engage new hires before day one. Empxtrack allows setting up of automated tasks that will send reminders to different people for making sure that employee on-boarding is a smooth process for the new employee.

Integrated with Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Payroll, Attendance and other modules, Empxtrack provides a seamless experience to all stakeholders.


View onboarding requests


Prepare a checklist of onboarding tasks


View, add and remove pre-configured forms


Create an onboarding request

Create Employee Onboarding Checklist

Create, manage and track onboarding task checklist with Empxtrack Onboarding module. Empxtrack analyzes onboarding metrics such as joining date, status and overdue tasks and HR managers can provide real-time reports in just a few clicks.

Start the onboarding process by selecting a suitable plan and raising a request to onboard a new employee. Share login details of the employee portal allowing new hires to fill in all the forms prior to joining.

Use Pre-configured Forms

Empxtrack onboarding tool supports submission of online employment documentation from the new hires. Collect personal and employment information, such as address, bank details, beneficiary information, dependent details, signature and more, from the new employees through pre-configured forms.

Empxtrack provides online forms to capture I-9 and W-4 information from new hires.

Reduce Time to Productivity

Give an engaging onboarding experience through an interactive portal that has everything new hires need to start their work. With Empxtrack onboarding tool, encourage interaction of the new employees with their colleagues from day one.

Empxtrack onboarding tool gives a personalized experience and helps in making new employees more productive and engaged.

Improve day one readiness of new hires and accelerate their time to productivity

More Reasons to Choose Us!

Save up to 16 hours

Save up to 16 hours

Empxtrack employee onboarding software saves time spent into planning and execution of employee orientation activities.

Automatic Updates

Software upgrades and changes take place automatically in Empxtrack employee onboarding software. No need of manual intervention to update the application.

Create New Forms

Create New Forms

With Empxtrack, you can create new forms to map your onboarding requirements with the help of built-in editing and data validation tools.

Real-time Notifications

Send and receive real-time notifications to keep new hires, hiring managers, HR, admin and IT department informed.


Onboarding Dashboard

Allow HR managers to track and review onboarding status of new hires. View real-time employee onboarding reports at a glance.

24x7 support

Access Support Anytime

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy-to-use interface. Empxtrack teams are available 24 x 7.

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