Technical Specifications and Architecture


Empxtrack is a full featured HRMS solution available on the cloud. It helps automate all aspects of your organizations HR Department.

Empxtrack is a multi-tenant cloud based solution. It uses open source technologies such as Linux, Java, HTML and MySQL database to provide you comprehensive HR functionality. Empxtrack has been developed as a Self-Service application that is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a service) application, giving organizations a highly accessible and self-configurable solution.
Empxtrack is compatible across all browsers and no hardware and software is required to use it. It is available online 24 X 7 and can be accessed from any location. As it is cloud based, all the data is stored securely in very secure datacenters provided by world class organizations. Additionally, Empxtrack also provides two factor authentication to prevent sensitive information from data breaches. Empxtrack is simple to use, easily configurable and requires minimal HR qualifications for using it.

Empxtrack Technical Specifications

Technical Features

  • Cloud Based
  • Multi-tenant with a single database (with tenant identifier on each table). Data sandbox based on logged in user.
  • Open Source Java based application hosted in Tomcat environment with open source databases
  • Apache front-end, load balanced tomcats and MySQL
  • Payment integration with various payment gateways across the world.
  • REST based API for integration needs and SSO provisioning for LDAP/AD integration
  • HTTPS connectivity
  • Real time backup of application and dynamic switching on failover.

What do I need to run Empxtrack
You only need an internet connection and a browser to run Empxtrack. We support all popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari). It is recommended that you upgrade your browsers to the latest version for full security and availability of latest features.

Empxtrack Architecture

Empxtrack Component Architecture

Empxtrack follows a multi-tier design that allows significant scalability, fault tolerance, maintainability and capabilities to adapt to changing compliance environments. Like any 3 tier application, Empxtrack has a database (entity) layer, a business-logic and a presentation layer. The entity layer and the business logic layers are developed in java and the presentation layer is in JSP. In addition, Empxtrack has many innovations to allow customizations, fast data access, integration with ERPs, analytics and reporting, memory management and data updates.

CalcEngine Language
To allow significant customization options and multi-geography customizations, Empxtrack has a language of its own called CalcEngine. The implementations of CalcEngine code exists on the database and hence can change for each tenant allowing significant customizations and no impact on existing code for other customers. CalcEngine is a full-blown language with strong data-typing and all the elements required in a full language (variable definition, iterators, arrays, data conversions, logic, functions and modules, memory management, stack) and also provides many primitives for accessing java beans, java method invocations, web programming (session management, JSON conversions, request and response handling), database querying and updates

Cache layer
Most masters and other objects that change less frequently are stored on cache and this helps reduce database queries and helps in a very rapid response. Since the deployment is distributed, updates of masters in one server are automatically communicated to other servers.

All fields that uniquely identify an employee are encrypted (such as name, date of birth, address, dependents).

All communication between Empxtrack servers and browsers are on 128 bit or higher encryption. All communication between the Empxtrack servers (such as tomcats and database) is secure

Workflow and schedulers
Multiple workflows are available in Empxtrack that allow some of the most complex scenario management. The authorizations for different actions, validations, messaging, permissions are all controlled through XML and can be individually configured for customers (if required).

A secure layer exists for providing access to various parts of Empxtrack data to HR Managers through an API access mechanism. Various API methods are available that allow you to move data securely to your server or update Empxtrack. Access is available by generation of API key for HR Managers and all updates are based on authorizations available to the HR Manager. More details on the API are available at

In addition, Empxtrack provides SSO integration to allow seamless login for your employees without remembering another username/password.

All data in Empxtrack can be downloaded/uploaded from Excel sheets (CSV sheets)

Multi-language support
All string data (labels) in Empxtrack are stored in the database. This allows better memory optimization and adaptations (based on localization requirements) for different geographies.

Provisions exist to convert this data to as many as 9 different languages. We are currently working on providing the product in Spanish and French and additional languages will be added based on our expansion plans and our customer requirements.

Empxtrack architecture overview
The diagram illustrates the multi-tier view of Empxtrack and explains the different layers in the product. We will be happy to discuss this more based on your specific questions.

Empxtrack Architecture Overview

Additional Features

Online Help
A comprehensive help is available on Empxtrack that is updated on a regular basis. The help is available on

Configuration Management and release
Empxtrack has patch releases 1-2 times a month and upgrades once every quarter. All details of our product releases are available on

Community Forum
Community forum is an online space for Empxtrack users. Use this support forum to ask questions, seek assistance, or participate in a discussion relevant to Empxtrack products and services. Visit the community forum