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How a self service platform enables employees to work remotely without loss of productivity

Empxtrack Enrollment

Learn how to enroll for Empxtrack

Setup Empxtrack for your organization

Employee Management

Add employees in Empxtrack

Masquerade as another employee

Quick links and documents

Setup, view and edit email templates

How to increase reporting efficiency by creating employee groups

How can employees login Empxtrack and access the application

How to set your company logo in Empxtrack

Performance Management

Configure appraisal process

Initiate appraisal for an employee

Add employee performance goals during appraisal

How do employees complete self appraisal

How do managers complete the appraisal process

Initiate 360 feedback for an employee

How to complete 360 feedback as a reviewer?

Cascading goals and goal tracking

Human Capital Management

How can an employee apply for leave?

How a manager can view and manage leave for team

Mark and regularize attendance as an employee

Setup weekend and holiday calendar

Credit leave balance to employees

How to set up basic leave rules

Generate configurable reports in Empxtrack

How to set up basic attendance rules for employees

How to add holidays and import holiday calendar

How to define weekends


Empxtrack Eazy Payroll

Process payroll with Empxtrack Advanced Payroll

How to configure payroll settings

How to assign salary structure to employees?

Manage investment declarations in Empxtrack

How to setup free payroll for your organization

How to upgrade Empxtrack Free Payroll software

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Online Help

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Case Studies

Know more about the challenges faced by our customers and how our team of experts helped them with the unique solutions.

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Product Tours

Watch our videos and learn how Empxtrack works. Each video is curated carefully to help you streamline your data and processes.

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