Why Empxtrack


Empxtrack offers comprehensive functionality with an affordable pricing model and provides an unmatched, unbeatable price-performance outcome. You can choose the products that suit your budget and business needs. We offer more than 30 modules to cover all aspects of human resource management under four solutions, Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Recruitment and Strategic HR.

In fact, you can build your own HR software at no cost. Empxtrack is offering enterprise level Employee Portal application absolutely free to cater to all your needs. Additionally, you can select more products of your choice, such as Performance Appraisal, 360 Degree Feedback and Exit Management and start using them for free.

Empxtrack turned out to be the perfect solution for our business as we aimed to introduce a more formal and streamlined annual goal-setting and performance evaluation process in 2018. It is simple to set up, requires minimal time and effort to administer, and user-friendly for our employees. In addition, the customer service team is highly accessible to ask questions and amenable to recommendations for future enhancements. Above all, the system is extremely affordable compared to other solutions on the market.

Janine Ambrose Salina | Director HR | Busch LLC

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“ We were so pleased to have discovered Empxtrack performance evaluation application. It not only fits our budget, but the team was also able to configure the application to meet our Church’s unique specifications and process flow. ”

Pastor Chinyere Olujide | Ministry Operations Coordinator | Jesus House | DC

Quick Implementation

Empxtrack guarantees quick implementation and deployment of the product. Our cloud-based solutions can be deployed quickly without additional investment. The software upgrades take place regularly on its own without the need for manual update at customer end. Empxtrack’s cloud-based implementation model simplifies everything – cost of ownership, software updates and integration issues.

In addition, the highly modular design allows you to purchase Empxtrack in exactly the way it suits your context – you can pick just one module at a time or, you can pick and choose modules and create your own tailored Empxtrack.

The team understood our challenges and offered the best solution. We would like to thank them for quick implementation and being highly responsive to our issues. We appreciate their willingness to provide excellent customer support that has helped us All the very best to the team and I’m sure you are up to do wonders.

Ajay Shukla | Manager Human Resources | Aircheck

“Prodapt has global standardized HR processes and some of these are unique to our organization. We wanted to choose a software which could meet our unique needs and yet was ready to demonstrate a mature set of capabilities to begin with. Empxtrack was the chosen over others as it had a ready to use HRIS, Employee Self Services Portal, Goal Setting, Employee Appraisal and Recruitment solution all under one platform.
Empxtrack implementation team quickly understood our needs and configured the software to match our HR processes. All work flows were adapted according to our organization structure, hierarchy and processes and data was loaded for a quick go-live. The team provided continuous support on an as needed basis. ”

P. Rajesh Rao | Associate Director Human Resource | Prodapt Solutions

Ease of Use

Empxtrack has an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly understand the product functionalities. It is an easy-to-use software that enhances user experience and offers multiple features to map customer needs. No additional training is required to use the product.

Our products are used in more than 20+ countries due to its simplicity and ease of use. In addition, Empxtrack offers real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics on a single platform, with a user-friendly interface.

Thanks a lot for your support and cooperation. I remember calling you multiple times, sometimes at odd hours as it was a new experience for us and you patiently guided us to the right direction each and every time. The experience of empxtrack HRMS has been great. The user experience, flexibility, workflow, scalability aspect and ease of operation is simply superb. We would love to explore additional modules once we reach an optimum scale. Once again, big thanks for making this journey smooth and fast for us and for handing over the implementation to a reliable and dependable empxtrack team.

Jagdish Joshi | Delivery and Operations | DataNutts

Choosing to switch to Empxtrack has been a game-changer for us. The efficiency and convenience it has brought to our HR processes are truly remarkable. With this new HRMS in place, everything from recruitment to payroll processing & exit has become a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy both for HR & our employees to navigate and complete tasks with ease. Empxtrack also understood our customization requirements quite well and delivered the system as promised. The support and training provided were exceptional. Our new HRMS has revolutionized the way we manage HR processes, saving us time and improving overall efficiency. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to streamline their HR Operations.

Roopsi Bhardwaj | HR Consultant | IFI Techsolutions Pvt Ltd

Comprehensive Functionality

Empxtrack offers end-to-end solutions to cover all aspects of human resource management. Empxtrack uniquely combines Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Compensation Planning, Recruitment, Self and Manager Services, Payroll and Compliance, Rewards and Recognitions, Manpower Planning, Surveys, a comprehensive Employee Database with advanced search features and more.

The software offers comprehensive functionality to meet all expectations and requirements of our clients. Our products help you automate and streamline all HR processes and improve their efficiency.

Impressive kudos to the empxtrack team! Over a decade, I’ve relied on their HRMS to efficiently manage a workforce of 1250+. It’s a powerhouse, seamlessly handling everything from employee management to payroll.

With its user-friendly interface and rock-solid reliability, backed by a proactive support team, it’s a winning combination. They prioritize leveraging existing functionalities over unnecessary customizations, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. When considering a switch to another renowned product, their support was exemplary, facilitating a smooth exit strategy. Despite a migration setback, they swiftly guided us back, minimizing disruption and enabling us to resume annual appraisals within days. EXEMPLARY service from start to finish.

Ankur Dhanuka | Head – IT and Personnel | Dhanuka Agritech Limited

We at SBCS, would like to applaud you on your training style. Your clarity, diction, patience and overall simplistic paraphrasing during the navigation of the HRIS Programme with our staff members, was appreciated. We gave you an overall rating of 4 out of 5. We look forward to a vibrant continued relationship with Empxtrack.

Givonne Timothy | Administrative Assistant Human Resources | Champs Fleurs, SBCS

Configurable and Customizable

Our solutions are designed to offer maximum configurability and customization.

Empxtrack provides multiple configuration options to help users set up the product as per their needs. You can easily set up forms, configure group based visibility rules, modify timelines, apply filters and do a lot more with Empxtrack. The software provider does not charge additional fees for configurations.

In addition, the software can be easily customized to meet specific requirements of an organization. Empxtrack gives full flexibility to choose a specific module or a combination of multiple modules that suit your needs. With Empxtrack, you can get excellent customization options to map your existing company processes as well as meet future needs. Check out the various customized enterprise solutions and free offerings provided by Empxtrack.

Our HR team and management wanted to streamline several processes including leave, attendance, performance management, payroll, travel and expense, and exit. Empxtrack team provided us a user-friendly, customized platform to map all our requirements within a short time span. We’re impressed with the numerous customization options, maximum configurability and the overall value that the product has offered.

Akansha Srivastava | HR Manager | CellPoint Mobile

With Empxtrack, we got a highly customized solution to manage complex appraisal data. The integrated goal setting and appraisal system made it easy to maintain transparency throughout the process. We got a simpler way to record employees’ goal achievements and take their consent on it.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh | Assistant Vice President Performance & Rewards | UAE Exchange

Integration Capabilities

Empxtrack offers excellent integration capabilities. The software can be easily integrated with other HR solutions through Web API.

Empxtrack provides REST (Representational State Transfer) style Web API over HTTP to allow integration of Empxtrack products with third-party applications, such as SAP, ERP, E-Commerce, Self-Service Portals and others.

“Empxtrack team understood our challenges and offered the best solution. Real-time attendance integration has helped us in managing our staff efficiently and making them more productive. We would like to thank the entire team for quick implementation and being highly responsive to our issues. We appreciate their willingness to provide excellent customer support that has helped us in smooth running of our leave, attendance and payroll processes. All the very best to the team and I’m sure you are up to do wonders.”

Ajay Shukla | Manager Human Resources | Aircheck

Empxtrack is a superb tool for HR Alignment and process integration. It adds fantastic value to the organization. The team quickly understood our needs and configured the software to match our HR processes. All work flows were adapted according to our organization structure, hierarchy and processes and data was loaded for a quick go-live.

Sujeet S.Rajawat | HR Manager | Emychem Limited

Customer Experience

At Empxtrack, customer experience holds utmost priority. The team is dedicated towards providing unbeatable customer support through email, phone and chat options.

Empxtrack is designed with a vision that even a non-technical person can use it without additional training. However, our customer experience and support teams are available 24×7 to assist clients. We also provide online training tutorials, product guides, help website and FAQs to enhance your experience.

“Empxtrack was chosen following the evaluation of over 30 competitive products. It offers outstanding value, flexibility and customization, with exceptional service and support. Installation has been completed with personal presentations to management. We had no difficulties working with the programming staff on the custom features we required. The turnaround time was fantastic. I highly recommend this product without hesitation to users of all sizes.”

John R. McKinley | Director Human Resources | Marotta Controls, Inc

“Thank you for the quality of the Performance Management Software solution and associated service provided by your company. The tool is working spotlessly with easy to navigate screens. Apart from the high quality software, we are delighted with even better customer service. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each phase of implementation.”

Sheetal Sadhu-Dhar | Associate Vice President Human Resources | Plural Technology Pvt. Ltd

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