Empxtrack offers comprehensive functionality with an affordable pricing model and provides customers an unmatched, unbeatable price-performance outcome. Empxtrack functionality covers every strategic and operational aspect of HR. We also offer access to real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics. All this in an all new user friendly interface.

Additionally, you can pick the products that suit your budget and business needs, from among our range of flexible options.

“Empxtrack was chosen following the evaluation of over 30 competitive products. It offers outstanding value, flexibility and customization, with exceptional service and support.”

Director – Human Resources, Marotta Controls, Inc

“We were so pleased to have discovered the Empxtrack performance evaluation application for it not only fit our budget but they were also able to configure the application to meet our Church’s unique specifications and process flow.”

Pastor Chinyere Olujide, Ministry Operations Coordinator, Jesus House, DC

Flexible Implementation Options

We offer both cloud and on-premise solutions although the on-premise solution is available for specific kind of customers such as government or semi-government organizations, large customers (> 10,000 employes). In case you need the on-premise solution, please send us a request on Contact us.

In the subscription-based pricing model, we deploy our solution on the cloud for all customers. We use a single version of Empxtrack, which means that no customer is left behind when the software is updated. Our cloud-based implementation model simplifies everything – cost of ownership, software updates and integration issues.

The on-premise Empxtrack solutions offers greater customization and integration capabilities with your back-end systems through our Custom Edition offering.

In addition, the highly modular design allows you to purchase Empxtrack in exactly the way it suits your context – you can pick just one module such as Performance Appraisal. Alternately, you can pick and choose modules from different functional editions and create your own tailored Empxtrack.

We also understand that functional applications do not work in isolation. Empxtrack can be easily integrated with other existing solutions through Empxtrack API that is accessible to all customers. We help you implement and maintain your Empxtrack applications, allowing you to focus more on core operations.

“Empxtrack is a superb tool for HR Alignment and process integration. It adds fantastic value to the organization and its employees. Best of luck to the team for giving great support.”

Sujeet S.Rajawat, HR Manager, Emychem limited

Ease of Use

We understand that as a global organization, you are always evolving and growing. Therefore, our solutions are designed for maximum configurability to ensure greater flexibility. Empxtrack has an intuitive interface which is brilliantly simple to use. Additionally, our customer support team ensures that users in your organization understand the solution in quick time.

Employee Profile Overview | Empxtrack HCM

“We are now using the Empxtrack system and have found that one of its greatest strengths is in the simplicity of its use. User training for ordinary users is straight forward and our users get the concept easily.”

Tau, IT Manager, University of Botswana

Comprehensive functionality

Empxtrack Solution Suite covers the entire gamut of HR applications from recruitment to performance management, employee growth, and eventual exit. We provide the systems, processes, and tools necessary to automate all HR processes and increase employee output. Although our system tracks every aspect of the employee life-cycle, it is easily customizable to reflect the issues specific to your company. You can also pick and choose a module, or combination of modules, that best suit your needs.

Empxtrack Goal Setting SoftwareEmpxtrack Employee Appraisal SoftwareEmpxtrack Manager OnlineEmpxtrack Employee Self ServiceEmpxtrack Transfer ManagementEmpxtrack Training and DevelopmentEmployee Database (HRIS)Empxtrack Induction and Exit ManagementEmpxtrack 360 FeedbackEmpxtrack Performance Linked BonusEmpxtrack PayrollEmpxtrack Compensation PlanningEmpxtrack Recruitment PortalEmpxtrack Organization AlignmentEmpxtrack Employee Satisfaction SurveysEmpxtrack Leadership Effectiveness SurveysEmpxtrack Succession PlanningEmpxtrack Manpower Planning

Using Empxtrack allows you not only to access relevant employee data, but also take action based on reports or analytics. Our solutions are simple to deploy and achieve meaningful results which allow you to quickly identify the areas that need improvement and take appropriate action.

“We are really excited about this application, the more we delve into it the more appreciative we are of the many features you’ve provided.”

Hayden B. Hernandez, Senior Manager I.T., SBCS

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