Calculate PTO Accrual

A Quick Guide on How to Calculate PTO Accrual and Vacation Time

This article explains the significance of paid time off, the different PTO models and provides insights into how to calculate PTO accrual. We’ll also dive into PTO accrual rates, ensuring you understand how employees accumulate time off. Using this guide, you’ll be able to design a PTO policy that keeps your employees happy and productive! … Read more
New Income Tax Rules 2024

New Income Tax Rules 2024 | New Tax Regime vs Old Tax Regime

As we step into the financial year 2024-25, we will observe new income tax rules 2024 with significant changes. The Indian government has made these changes to simplify taxes and match the ever evolving economy. One of the key changes is the introduction of a new income tax regime, offering taxpayers an alternative to the … Read more
Quiet hiring in the workplace

Is Quiet Hiring in the Workplace the Future of Recruitment?

The future of recruitment might be quieter than you think. Let’s explore what quiet hiring in the workplace means, its benefits for both companies and employees. Understand how this trend will shape the future of work and how you can seamlessly implement it in your organization. After the recent HR trends like “quiet quitting” and … Read more
Future global HR trends for 2024

Future Global HR Trends for 2024

This blog highlights the emerging Future Global HR Trends for 2024. Explore the most impactful developments and the strategies that HR professionals and businesses will need to embrace to stay competitive in 2024.  The world of Human Resources is undergoing a remarkable transformation. It is being driven by rapidly evolving technologies, changing workforce demographics, and … Read more
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Empxtrack Streamlines Job Application Process for a Leading Cloud Solutions Provider

This case study is about a leading cloud solutions and managed services provider that wanted to enhance their job application process and provide a positive experience to job applicants. The client was looking for a customized and integrated solution to improve the visibility of available job openings, simplify the job application process, selection process, and … Read more
Time attendance system

A Global Mining Company Conducts Spot Attendance Checks of Employees, with Empxtrack Attendance Management System

This case study is about a leading global mine developer and operator that has a large workforce working at multiple locations across the country. The company is focused on aligning their strengths with the latest technologies, state of the art equipment specialized in various mining operations and a well-equipped laboratory at every site. The company … Read more
Two factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in HR Systems

With the rise in cyber threats, it is becoming extremely important for HR software providers to take measures and prevent any damage to employee and employer’s sensitive information. Fortunately, two-factor authentication (2FA) in HR systems can help keep your accounts safe.  Numerous websites are being hacked which is leading to exposure of user’s personal information … Read more

Empxtrack Speeds Up Payroll Processing for a Leading Stock Market Institute with Multiple Training Centers

“ I have been using Empxtrack Payroll since September 2021, and when I tried its extensive features for the first time, I was really impressed. I didn’t give it a second thought. With Empxtrack, our payroll processing has become faster and more accurate. Now our HR department hardly spends any time managing payroll, and their … Read more
HR technology trends for 2023

HR Technology Trends for 2023 and Beyond

There has been a lot of buzz on HR technology trends for 2023, and how they are going to reshape the HR landscape. Latest Update – Future global HR trends for 2024 are also out, and you may read them to know what the future of HR may look like. The way we work and interact … Read more
Performance management system

How Empxtrack Performance Management System met the unique Customization & Integration needs of Southern College of Optometry

“ Southern College of Optometry has successfully automated our performance management system with Empxtrack as our partner. They have provided us with customized online tools for both our introductory and annual review processes. We have enjoyed the support of a dedicated and responsive Account Manager who provides ongoing virtual training to our system administrators. Because … Read more