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performance management for project centric organizations

Performance Management for Project-Centric Organizations

Over 90%  of managers believe their organization's performance management process does not correspond to the actual work done by their ...
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continuous performance management process

Continuous Performance Management Process: Demystified

Over 90% of managers are unhappy with traditional review process and over 50% of organizations are exploring ways to revamp ...
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Real-time performance

Can Managers Accelerate Employee Productivity by Tracking Real-Time Performance?

Setting employee goals in a transparent manner and continuous measurement of employee achievements is critical to business success. While a ...
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Succession Planning

Infographic: Build Potential Leadership Pipeline with a Succession Plan

“Succession Planning Doesn’t Start with People. It Starts with the Requirements of the Position.” - David Ulrich Succession Planning is ...
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Online Goal Setting Software

Infographic : How Managers can set Employee Goals for Better Performance

Take a moment to assume yourself to be a member of sales team in a product based company. An email ...
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How to Identify, Develop & Retain your High Potential Employees (HIPO)?

High potential employees, or commonly known as HIPOs, are 50% more valuable to an organization than other employees, as they ...
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Baseline goal setting process

How to Baseline your Goal Setting Process?

An excellent article on Forbes Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals says that most of us don’t have ...
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Top 6 HR Trends in 2020 – Transforming the Future of Work

As we near the end of this year, it’s time to watch out for emerging HR trends in 2020. According ...
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hr software vendor

How to Choose HR Software Vendor in 2019?

Selecting a suitable HR software vendor can be a challenging and overwhelming task. While making the right choice of the ...
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four-remarkable- features-in-hr-software

Why Does my HR Software not Succeed?

I was at the recently concluded HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas and with 100s of HR Tech vendors, all ...
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Configurability Matters In HR Technology Arena

Where Configurability Matters Most in the HR Technology Arena

Let’s start with the universally accepted principle that configurability, like the rest of the “abilities” relative to HCM systems -- ...
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Positive Employee Experience

Positive Employee Experience – A New Roadmap to Retain Top Talent

2018 has seen a shift in HR’s focus area. The emphasis is on “Employee Experience” now. It is about the ...
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one size-fits-customized-hr-software

Get a Customized HR Software, Say No to One-Size-Fits-All Option!

A one-size-fits-all HR software is designed and developed to meet the basic needs of any business. However, organizations require unique ...
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Workplace Practices

7 Workplace Practices That Ensure Employee Happiness

HR departments are often tied up with day to day processes like recruitment, training, performance management etc, that there’s no ...
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Cloud-Based HRIS

6 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-Based HRIS

A cloud-based HRIS (human resource information system), allow organizations to store employee data on a single, easily accessible, secured online ...
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Employee Discipline

How to Manage Employee Discipline in your Organization?

This blog talks about the importance of employee discipline in an organization and discusses best practices to develop a disciplined ...
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exit management

Exit Management, Offboarding Checklist & Exit Interviews – All on a Single Digital Platform

Exit Management process mitigates security and legal threats. According to a survey by TEKsystems, only 14 percent of IT leaders ...
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Employee Onboarding Process For Startups

Best Practices for an Effortless Employee On-boarding Process

35 percent of companies spend 0 dollars on employee onboarding program. The idea of spending thousands of dollars to hire ...
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How Online Recruitment Tools Simplify Hiring Process

Recruitment is a basic need of every developing and progressive organization. But, recruiting new employees can be challenging, expensive and ...
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Does Employee Onboarding Supports Retention & Engagement? Know How

One of the difficulties in employee onboarding is the absence of confidence that originates from the insignificant ability an employee ...
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Everything you Should know about Employee Absconding

ABSCONDING – This is the most unprofessional and unethical way for any employee to separate from their organization. An absconder ...
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Make Hiring Easy with No Recruiting Mistakes At All

Hiring is a never ending practice. The process goes around lot of money and time in recruiting new sources. Sometimes, ...
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24q form filing

24Q Form Filing – A Quick Guide on filing TDS Return Online

Do you have questions on how, when and where 24Q form filing is done? Here is a quick guide on ...
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Income Tax Calculation fy-2019-20

Income Tax Rules for FY 2019-20: Impact on your Financial Planning

In the Interim Budget presented on 1st February 2019, the Indian government has announced changes in the income tax rules ...
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Payroll Solution That Ensures 100% Statutory Compliance and Regulation

Payroll Solution That Ensures 100% Statutory Compliance and Regulation

Payroll is a complex process that becomes more challenging with a company’s unique processes, compliance issues, varying allowance and deductions ...
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payroll software be an effective HRMS

Can a Payroll Software be an Effective HRMS?

How do companies manage their employee data? I often have discussions with senior management of small and mid-sized companies on ...
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Payroll Management : Remain Statutory Compliant & Avoid Last Minute Payroll Hassles

Payroll management is time-consuming and complex and requires full business confidentiality. Managing employee data, answering queries, preparing reports and looking ...
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Online payroll software, payroll software, payroll system, payroll

Why to Invest in Online Payroll Software?

As an HR technology solution provider, we often experience ever-increasing demand for an online payroll software, that requires fewer resources ...
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ROI on Automating and taking your Payroll Online

It is difficult to anticipate the benefits of taking your payroll online. This was a challenge faced by one of ...
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