Empxtrack Supports Hybrid Work Model – Work from Home for an Agrochemical Company

This case study is about an agrochemical company, Dhanuka Agritech Limited, India. The client organization has PAN-India presence with their multiple marketing offices in all major states across the country. The client wanted to accurately capture employee attendance and activities during work from home. ABOUT CLIENT Dhanuka, an agrochemical company, has 3 manufacturing units with … Read more
Employee engagement and happiness quotient

Empxtrack Assists Magic Software in Measuring Employee Engagement and Happiness Quotient

This case study is about a mid-sized software company, Magic Software, based in Delhi-NCR, India. The client needed a cloud-based solution to measure the employee engagement and happiness quotient of employees. About Client The client has a strength of approximately 1200 employees and it is recognized as a provider of cutting-edge software platforms for business … Read more
SaaS vs On premise HR Systems

SaaS vs On Premise HR systems: Which One Should You Choose?

What would be the most suitable HR solution for my organization? What is the difference between SaaS vs On Premise HR systems? This has become the most common concern for organizations that believe in agility, reliability and innovation. This article highlights the comparison between On-premise software vs SaaS with an intention to help you make … Read more
Generation Z characteristics in the workplace

Generation Z Characteristics and Work Ethics in the Workplace

Just when the businesses are getting familiar with the millennial generation, a new generation – Gen Z is all set to enter the workforce ! The tech-savvy Gen Z brings with them their own requirements and goals. This generation grew up with phones in their hands and witnessed the impact of the 2008 recession on … Read more
Top 25 HR Websites for HR Professionals

Top 25 HR Websites for HR Professionals

For human resource professionals, it is important to stay on top of the latest HR trends and employee management practices. With the ever changing HR needs and laws, human resource managers need to be on the lookout for best HR practices to follow. They need to keep themselves updated to create a positive work environment … Read more
what is attrition

What is Attrition and Why Does it Happen?

What is attrition? Attrition is a familiar and much feared word among HR professionals. But what is attrition, why does it happen and how does it affect an organization? More importantly- what can the company stakeholders do to manage this problem?Let us try to understand. Attrition definition The general meaning of the word ‘attrition’ is … Read more

Top 8 Global HR Trends in 2021

This article highlights the HR trends in 2021 that will reshape the HR world and influence the way businesses operate. Latest Update – Future global HR trends for 2024 are also out, and you may read them to know what the future of HR may look like. With the fall of 2019, many HR trends were … Read more
new income tax regime 2020 and its effect on payroll processing

New Income Tax Regime 2020 and Its Effect on Payroll Processing

The 2020 Union Budget of India has proposed the latest income tax rules. This article describes the new income tax regime 2020 and its effect on Payroll Processing. Taxpayers can choose any of the two tax options – the old tax regime or the new tax regime. What will you choose? Old Tax Regime: Higher … Read more
Manage remote workers during COVID-19

Manage Remote Workers During COVID-19 with HR on Cloud

Do you have the right tools to manage remote workers during COVID-19? Are you ready to take up a remote work model and safeguard your employees from the pandemic? Move your HR on cloud and manage remote teams efficiently while ensuring business continuity. Rapid spread of Coronavirus has urged companies to implement a work-from-home model. … Read more
HR trends in 2020

Top 6 HR Trends in 2020 – Transforming the Future of Work

This post highlights emerging top 8 global HR trends 2020 that you should know before heading into the next year. Latest Update – Future global HR trends for 2024 are also out, and you may read them to know what the future of HR may look like. As we near the end of this year, … Read more