Empxtrack Inc. Further Expands Its Web- Based HR Solution To A Diversified Client Base

Nov 09th, 2011 (India) : Empxtrack, an On-Demand Human Capital and Talent Management Software has expanded further in the global market to meet the growing demands for a diversified and effective HR solution.

Businesses from diversified fields are opting for Saigun Technologies web Based HR solution Empxtrack. Akums drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd – a drug manufacturer , Weber Shandwick a public relations agency, Cedar White an intellectual property consulting firm, Xpress Money a BFSI company and Magic Software Pvt. Ltd an ITES organization are few of the recent businesses who have opted for Empxtrack to meet their demands for a user-friendly and completely web-based HR software.

Tushar Bhatia, President Saigun Technologies and Chief Architect of Empxtrack said, “Empxtrack will help the companies achieve greater HR process efficiency. The implementation of Empxtrack, a web-based HR Solution, in their organization can assist in reducing costs and increase productivity. Empxtrack is built on the principle of helping its customers win by providing a seamless and integrated experience on all HR processes for all its users.”

About Empxtrack : Saigun’s flagship product Empxtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. The leader among integrated web-based solutions for HR, Empxtrack is powerful enough to handle all 18 functions of HR department through its single window interface and provides comprehensive analytics for critical decision making. Designed as a SaaS (software-as-a- service) offering, EmpXtrack requires Zero-to-minimum investment in hardware and other software components, making it first choice of the organizations that require quick to use solutions with minimum investment in technology.

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