Empxtrack Simplifies Interview Scheduling and Candidate Management for a Legal Firm

Empxtrack provides a highly customized solution that simplifies interview scheduling and candidate management for a Legal firm with more than 700 employees. Read the full case study

Financial Institution Simplifies Incentive Process & Eliminates Manager Bias with Empxtrack

A Financial Institution with more than 2,200 employees spread across 800 offices in 31 countries simplifies their performance incentive process and eliminates manager bias with Empxtrack appraisal system. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Streamlines Performance Management Process and Derives HR Efficiency for an ADP Customer

Busch LLC, a U.S. based manufacturing company with more than 500 employees, implements Empxtrack Performance Management to make performance reviews more holistic, transparent and meaningful. Read the full case study

Accurate Client Billing and Leave Audit with Empxtrack

Empxtrack provides a highly customized solution to audit leave for a U.S. based IT company with more than 2,500 employees. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Payroll Provides 100% Statutory Compliance And Regulation To An IT Company

IT company with more than 1,500 employees deployed in multiple cities, replaces their legacy payroll software with Empxtrack, to meet 100% statutory compliance requirements and get better transparency and accuracy in the payroll management. Read the full case study

Media House Increases Profits By 15% With Optimum Utilization Of Shared Work Stations And Human Capital

Media house with more than 500 employees implements Empxtrack Attendance and Shift Management system, to optimally utilize its work-stations, provide flexible work schedules to employees and get increased returns on infrastructure investment. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Addresses Challenges in Normalization of Appraisal Scores for a Decision Support Analytics Company

Empxtrack provides a solution to a decision support analytics company that faced challenges in normalization of appraisal scores. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Streamlines Performance Management for IFFCO Tokio General Insurance

One of the India’s largest insurance providers effectively resolves employee experience and productivity issues, by implementing Empxtrack Performance Management tool. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Improves Performance Appraisal Process for Saksoft

An information management and business intelligence company managing more than 1,000 employees implements Empxtrack and streamlines their appraisal process by making it meaningful, transparent and accurate. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Performance Management Software aligns employees for a Not-For-Profit

A U.S. based non-profit organization implements Empxtrack Performance Management system, making it easier for employees to understand their work expectations, capture continous achievements and measure performance at regular intervals. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Payroll Software Reduces Payroll Complexities for Khanna Paper Mills

Empxtrack reduces payroll complexities for one of the largest manufacturer of packaging and graphic boards in asia by providing asoftware with easy configuration options.
Read the full case study

Process Paperless Payroll. A Few hours a month

A leading global public relations firm brings structure to its system and prohibits project delays by automating their leave and payroll management process with Empxtrack system. Read the full case study

HR Automation for a Not-for-Profit Organization

A Not-for-profit organization with 1,700 employees implements Empxtrack Leave and Attendance management tool resulting in accurate Payroll management. Read the full case study

A flexible and intuitive 360 Feedback for employees

A U.S. based hedge fund implements Empxtrack’s intuitive and user friendly competency based 360 Feedback Appraisal system, enabling employees to solicit feedback from multiple sources and identify potential areas of improvement, leading to a self-development plan. Read the full case study

Cost saving with Empxtrack travel and expense

A leading IT services and solution company with 1500+ employees, saves 25% cost on travel and expense by streamlining its processes through Empxtrack Travel and Expense tool. Read the full case study

Retaining legacy data in new appraisal system

Empxtrack team exceeds the expectations of a U.S. bank holding company by implementing a Performance Management tool that maps to all its unique needs. Read the full case study

Automated HR modules for smooth employee engagement

A technology provider automates its HR functions and streamlines its people related processes with well integrated Empxtrack Performance Management, Payroll, Employee Self Service and HRMS solutions. Read the full case study

Empxtrack Implementation for a Not-for-Profit: Benefits

A U.S. based not-for-profit organization, implements Empxtrack Performance Management system within a short deadline. The user interface was customized to meet the needs of the client. Read the full case study

Competency Evaluation : A Case Study

Empxtrack automates performance management process to effectively deploy competency framework and conduct fair employee evaluation. Read the full case study

Implementing a Comprehensive Performance Appraisal System for India’s Leading Retail Chain

Leading retail chain saves time, effort and resources through Empxtrack Goal Setting and Appraisal process. Empxtrack provides customized solution to meet client’s specific requirements. Read the full case study

Smart Goals : A Performance Multiplier

Empxtrack streamlines goal setting and performance review process to set clear work expectations and improve overall workforce productivity. Read the full case study

Impact of HR Technology Solution in Retail Management

Large retail chain with 100+ stores automates performance management, travel & expense, attendance and other processes with Empxtrack. Automation results in 99% data accuracy, better MIS reports, improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Read the full case study

Raising Bar for Performance

Educational institution automates performance appraisal process with Empxtrack’s easy-to-use, customized and intuitive solution. Automation simplifies employee database management, calculation of appraisal scores, and tracking status of employee appraisals. Read the full case study