Saigun Technologies Celebrates Founders Day and Its Years of Success and Achievements

Founders day celebration marks success of Saigun Technologies and its glorious years spent in HR industry 

Noida, Tuesday, January 25, 2023 – Saigun Technologies, the leading provider of HR Solution Empxtrack, celebrated its Founders day on the 21st January 2023. 

The company held the Founders day celebration to commemorate its achievements, innovation and success. All the employees participated enthusiastically in fun activities, and it was a delight to see everyone enjoying music, games and food on the company anniversary day. 

Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has made a remarkable place in the HR industry with its flagship product, Empxtrack, a cloud-based HR software that manages end-to-end employee lifecycle. 

Since its inception, the company has been a leading provider of HR solutions with an affordable pricing model and an unmatched, unbeatable price-performance outcome. The company has emerged as a key player for global clientele by implementing best software development practices.

Tushar Bhatia, Founder and Chief Architect of Empxtrack, started the company with a mission to automate HR processes for companies of all sizes. The aim was to simplify procurement, implementation and usage of HR solutions for the end users. 

“We will continue to deliver easy-to-use human resource management solutions to help our customers increase their work efficiency and reduce effort”, said Tushar Bhatia at Founders day celebration. He continued, “In the coming years, Empxtrack team will continue to give the best service to our global customers through our various technology initiatives. There are innumerable opportunities and I am anticipating significant growth for our company.”

He further appreciated the collective efforts of his workforce and applauded dedicated Saigun members to keep up their good work. 

About Saigun Technologies and Empxtrack

Empxtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. It is one of the most trusted integrated cloud-based HR solutions that automate all areas of the Human Resource department and encourages a paperless environment. 

With a focus on providing customizable and configurable HR products, Empxtrack offers easy-to-use features, integration capabilities and quick implementation services. Gain insights through comprehensive reports and analytics for informed decision making.

Empxtrack uniquely combines Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Compensation Planning, Recruitment, Self and Manager Services, Payroll and Compliance, Rewards and Recognitions, Manpower Planning, Surveys and a comprehensive Employee Database with advanced search features. The software is currently being used by more than 750,000 employees across 20+ countries. And the numbers continue to grow month-over-month.

Get ready to use Empxtrack products for free for small teams, startups and SMBs. Register and start using a product immediately at absolutely no cost, no credit card requirements, and continue adding more features whenever required

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