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How Holiday Expectations Can Drastically Affect Employee Engagement

Why you should read it : The holidays can be a time of joy and happiness or extreme stress. Cord Himelstien would like you to make sure your office environment remains peaceful.

Synopsis : Every year the holiday season brings along with a cheer and an unexplained sense of happiness but the pressure of the years closing can make your office a minefield. Last minute assignments and projects, that need to be completed before he years end can take a toll on your employees.

Taming organisational complexity

 Why you should read it : Complexity is a serious threat to the bottom line of organisations , but just how costly is complexity and what can be done to counter it?

Synopsis : A survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit ( EIU), sponsored by SAP gathered the view of 331 executives from around the world on how complex their organization are, how complexity hurts them and the most successful tactics for reducing it.

 Hire the Person, not the Role…or why you should never quote a salary range.

Why you should read it : When we’re looking for or posting about a job, providing information about the salary range is default.

Synopsis : Ian Gouge is changing the way we look at recruiting by pointing out the hidden negatives that come along with posting the salary range. Avoid over paying the new comer or un-intentionally turning away the experienced professional by posting something as binding as a salary range.

 Why Everyone Should Have Unlimited Vacation Days

 Why you should read it : Unlimited vacation makes us more accountable for our work which in turn makes us more productive.

Synopsis :  Although Netflix allows it’s employees to take an unlimited number of days off they’re expected to perform at a very high level. According to the employees at Netflix, ““We don’t track the time we spend working outside of the office—like e-mails we answer from home and the work we do at night and on weekends—so why do we track the time we spend off the job?”.

 What If Companies Shared Exactly How They Determine Salaries?

 Why you should read it : Feeling underpaid has powerful negative effects.

Synopsis : Last Year Buffer disrupted the industry by making it’s employees salaries publically available. This week, Buffer has gone one step further and published the formula it uses to determine it’s employees salaries as well as a calculator that helps you determine how much you would make if you worked at Buffer.

 Happy with Your Benefits, Happy with Your Job

 Why you should read it : More than three-quarters of American workers say their workplace benefits package is important in their decision to take or reject a job.

Synopsis : Employee engagement is strongly co-related with their benefits package. Stephen Miller talks about the trends in employee benefits as well the pros and cons of offering voluntary employee benefits.

 Building Stress Resistance

Why you should read it : With the holiday season upon us, experts suggest mindfulness and “resiliency” training can help employees better manage stress.

Synopsis : Workplace stress is known to have profoundly negative effects on physical health. Indeed, a recent study by researchers at Harvard and Stanford universities finds that it can be as dangerous as secondhand smoke. Resiliency training also teaches people to focus on the skills needed for building strong personal and professional networks which in turn help them manage their stress.

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