Exit Management

This Exit Management help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Exit Management module and its functionalities.

Empxtrack gives a platform to efficiently manage the exit process of employees and give a smooth experience to the exiting employees by carrying out their exit formalities.

Empxtrack is offering a Exit Management software for free that tracks exit for 2 employees at absolutely no cost. Purchase options available for more employee exits, advanced configurations and additional features such as Appraisal, HRIS, 360 feedback and many more.

The free offering simplifies exit and clearance formalities with yearly exit dashboards and analytics, department wise clearance, exit survey form, and offers functionalities for both employee and HR.

Empxtrack automates the entire employee offboarding process right from the time when an employee resigns/ terminates to their resignation acceptance, knowledge transfer, exit interviews, and full & final. The software can be used to manage exit formalities of employees with voluntary exit (resignation) and forceful exit (termination).

The software enables HR to capture the type and reason of separation and ensure access privileges are revoked when a person leaves. Automation of exit process simplifies that other issues such as the recovery of equipment, keys and credit cards are well taken care of to maintain security integrity.

With Empxtrack, HR manager/ HR Admin can easily get clearances from all the departments, complete full and final settlement, initiate exit interview and finalize the employee’s exit.

The Exit Management module is fully customizable according to your company’s requirements. The exit management module allows you to: