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This help page demonstrates steps to manage succession pipeline in an organization. For every progressive organization, it is important to identify critical positions and prepare a succession pipeline to fill those key positions when needed.

Empxtrack provides simple-to-use functionality for HR to manage succession pipelines. Leadership (CEO and others) can view critical positions and potential successors for key roles. 

  1. Login to the system as an HR manager.
  2. Go to Measure tab and scroll down to the Succession Planning section.
  3. Click Manage succession pipeline link. The Existing succession pipeline page appears as shown in Figure 1.Manage-Succession-Pipeline

    Figure 1

Add a critical position

  1. Click Add new critical positions button.
  2. Select the required Job description from the dropdown and click the Save button as shown in Figure 2. Manage-Succession-Pipeline

    Figure 2

    The newly created critical position is successfully added to the existing succession pipeline.

Manage employees

Once the critical position is added, HR can add potential successors for this position with required capabilities.

  1. Click on the Sandwich icon corresponding to the critical position for which you wish to manage employees.
  2. Click Manage Employees link to add potential successors in the succession pipeline. A new page appears on the screen.
  3. Specify the name of the potential successor in the Specify employee name field.
  4. Select a suitable Timeline in which the employee will be ready to assume the selected Job Role.

The suggested employee is added to the succession pipeline successfully.

Manage Development Plan

HR can add and modify development plans for the potential successors. The development plans are created for a specific time interval and they are related to training, qualification, role change and others aspects.

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