Employee Engagement Build Great Teams and Bring Fun at Work

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Strong communications and great teamwork is a burly base of employee engagement. Employees get good opportunities to know their peers, managers and colleagues on personal level, when they whole-heartedly participate in interactive sessions, fun-filled games and entertaining activities happening at the workplace.

There is no secret to the fact that human resource management teams motivate, engage and guide employees to achieve strategic business goals. The HR leaders not only play vital role in employee’s career development, but they are also responsible for strengthening bonds amongst team members and elevate cooperation spirit at work. Most of the organizations conduct employee engagement activities to build a motivated workforce. They believe in the universal approach of ‘getting-to-know’ each other and ‘eat-work-play together’ phenomena.

Similarly, every employer needs to understand that its employees are people with ideas, challenges, achievements and desires. Expecting them to continually produce high business results is not all they deserve. Instead, employees should be understood and nurtured to derive expected results through a positive approach.

In this blog, we have enlisted few interesting employee engagement activities to inspire, engage and motivate your employees.

Reinforce Engagement by Setting Values for Individual Teams

Team members of each individual team can decide a specific set of values and follow them for improving overall business performance. Whichever team represents the best set of values and work honestly to create great culture should be rewarded publicly. It will connect employees within the teams and enable them to understand each other’s perspective.

Organize Fun Outings with Employees

Plan a day out once every quarter. Give your employees a happy break from lethargic work and take them to a place where they can unwind themselves. Organize team building games or sports competition to encourage team members to learn significance of teamwork.

End Your Month Happily

Conduct small team get-together on the last day of every month. Invite team members to enjoy light snacks, drinks and soft music in any corner of your office. Such occasions give the best opportunities to discuss important team issues. Allow every team member to speak their heart. Let managers reverse the role of listening to their juniors/ team members.

Share Knowledge in Creative Ways


Most of the times, teams are busy looking after their specific project(s). The team members are unaware of what is happening in the other corners of the office. Don’t let this happen to you.

Conduct open house sessions and invite different teams to speak about their projects. This activity helps in sharing knowledge and diverse experiences. Ensure you make such activities creative by adding fun element to it. For instance, decide to have “Mafia’ theme for a particular day and ask all teams to discuss their projects keeping Mafia elements in mind.

Appreciate Employee’s Efforts


Recruiting right candidates is difficult. But retaining good employees is even harder. Appreciate enthusiastic employees, reward top performers and offer the compensation that they really deserve. This spreads joys and builds a trusted relationship between employer and the employee.

Wrap up…

People who play together and eat together, stay together! Good leaders tend to influence team members positively for building engaged workforce. The strategic initiatives and well-structured plans make it easy to address day-by-day challenges and reach organization’s mission. Therefore, it is necessary to implement employee engagement activities to have an excellent workforce committed for longer period!

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