CEO’s checklist for HR Effectiveness

CEO’s checklist for HR Effectiveness

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11404626_mlIntroduction: This survey is a self-help tool that can help you gauge the effectiveness of your HR function. The following steps need to be followed to use the tool.


  • Select the size of your organization.
  • Check the statements that you believe are applicable and leave the others blank.
  • Click on the 'Calculate HR Effectiveness' button at the bottom of the page. Results would be displayed immediately.

Your organization size

 Large  Medium(< 1500 employees)  Small (< 200 employees)

Strategically aligned HR

  • All Managers & Supervisors have goal based accountability.
  • Performance based incentives are decided in a transparent manner.
  • Tools are available to track the progress of HR initiatives.
  • Key positions have been identified and talent pipeline is maintained for Succession.
  • Automation of HR is a high focus area.
  • Comprehensive employee data is available for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Decision Enablers & Processes

  • Accurate manpower statistics are available as dashboards.
  • Decisions related to employee growth are transparent & based on real-time data.
  • Goal-Setting process for all employees can be effectively tracked.
  • Timely completion of appraisals can be monitored.
  • HR processes are based on the HR best practices across the industry.
  • Recruitment and on-boarding process is effective & candidate friendly.
  • Sudden exit of key employees has minimal impact on business operations.

Employee Development & Empowerment

  • Each employee has a well-defined development plan that is based on inputs from business needs, managers and employee inputs.
  • We can track the trainings undertaken by employees and the effectiveness of the training programs.
  • Managers regularly counsel the employees.
  • Competencies and skills required for different jobs positions are well defined and used in employee development and recruitment.
  • Attending Leadership development programs is compulsory for all Managers.
  • Help desks for leave, claims, complaints & other requirements of employees are functional.
  • Our attrition rates are low and people are fairly satisfied in their jobs.
Note: No data on your replies will be captured by this tool or our website in any manner when you use the tool. This tool helps to identify the
effectiveness of your HR function based on the selections made by you.

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