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7 Essential HR Checklist

Why you should read it : : Kay Willmore has some handy checklists for every HR professional

Synopsis: When you do mundane tasks over and over, sooner or later you are bound to skip a crucial step; which is why Kay Willmore has made a list of checklists you should make sure to use so that you never end up in a soup.

Ashley Madison Hack: A Cautionary Tale for HR

Why you should read it : What does the ashley madison hack mean for your HR department

Synopsis: After the Ashley Madison hack and the Hilary Clinton email scandal, employees need to be reminded about the risk associated with using the company email for personal reasons. Allah D. Wright outlines what you should and should not do to be on the right side of line.

Background Screening for Big Hires

Why you should read it : “When hiring for the most senior levels within a company, the higher the position, the more the business has to gain or potentially lose.”

Synopsis: Most background checks contain nothing more than a criminal search, identity validation and some education and employment verification. But due to the large pay check and power that comes along with c-suite tag there is a higher probability of candidates fudging important details about their past. Read this article to make sure you hire the best person to lead your company.

How Technology Will Impact Millennials at Work

Why you should read it : It’s time to understand the millennial mindset.

Synopsis: Millennials are quickly leaving the baby boomers and the traditional 9 to 5 in the past And now it’s time for HR to leave the 20th century workplace model in the past as well. Having entered the US economy during the economic downtown with large amounts of student debt, has made the average millennial a pragmatic individual that values a balance of pay and benefits more than excess of either.

How Can Employers Prevent Workplace Violence?

Why you should read it : Lessons we need to learn in the wake of WDBJ’s tragedy.

Synopsis: Violence can have devastating effects on a workplace. To prevent such incidents in the future, Allen Smith from SHRM has written a crucial post on how to recognize the signs that a worker may turn potentially violent.

Why Company Culture is Crucial for SMEs

Why you should read it : Sarah Willis talks about how an established culture give SME’s an easy to attain edge over their larger competitors.

Synopsis: The small number of employees at a SME makes it a relatively easy task to establish a culture in comparison at a larger company.  An established culture provides the employer with a number of valuable benefits at almost no cost. The least of which is that it gives all the employees clear goals and objectives to work towards which encourages productivity and initiative.

Finding and Nurturing Talent the Google Way

Why you should read it : Find out why the global talent shortage never seems to reach Google.

Synopsis: If your day to day operations are unlike any other Fortune 500, then why shouldn’t your recruiting process stand out too. Sure, it’s easy to state that Google is the most recognizable brand in the world and thus they will always have the pick of the litter. Ilya Talman talk about how Google found it’s ‘Googlers’ before it was the giant it is today.

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