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The Burden of Unclear Expectations

Why you should read it : According to a survey conducted by ComPsych Corp., the number 1 source of stress for employees is unclear expectations from their managers.

Synopsis : Any change in an organization usually leads to widespread confusion. This change could be be in the leadership which leaves subordinates confused about what is expected from them, or a change in perviously followed processes leaving employees unsure about what path they should follow. “Without expectation, without accountability, people tend to get lost,[become] more frightened.”

A Deeper Dive into the Pay Gap

Why you should read it : President Obama recently revised the EEO-1 form, which now allows the federal government to police pay disparities based on race, gender and ethnicity.

Synopsis : Unequal pay can be attributed to a number of factors such as differences in amount of education or experience, performance on the job so on and so forth. One of the reasons could also be due to a unjustifiable discrimination based on race, gender or ethnicity. A number of professionals in the HR industry are afraid that the EEOC’s new rules do not take the nuances of pay disparity into account.

Self-Management and No Management Are Two Different Things

Why you should read it : Now that Holacracy is a growing trend in the American workplace, it’s time we understand what it means.

Synopsis : “Self-management is the concept that individuals have responsibility and authority for their own behavior. This might sound like a no-brainer but, in the workplace, layers of bureaucracy have created cultures where employees have to go to a manager to solve a problem or to resolve a conflict.”

Leadership Today — It Takes An Entirely New And Flexible Mindset

Why you should read it : ‘Idea meritocracy’ is the technique wherein which, all perspectives are heard and the best argument wins.

Synopsis : “Ray, you deserve a “D‑” for your performance today. You rambled for 50 minutes. It was obvious to all of us that you did not prepare at all ”,this is the review the CEO of Bridgewater received for a meeting he held. This is what leadership looks like in todays’ day and age, a form of leadership where egos, attitudes and unjustifiable biases have no place. 

What To Do When A Key Employee Quits

Why you should read it : A key employee quitting can be extremely stressful, and the thought of being able to find someone to replace them might even seem ludicrous.

Synopsis : When a key employee informs you about his or her plan to quit the first step you have to undertake is to remain calm. Jacob Shriar has complied 2 lists to help us for when we find ourselves in this situation. The first contains points on what you should do immediately after an employee informs you of his or her decision, the second talks about what you should to ensure this transition goes about smoothly.

Yahoo’s Sketchy Termination Policy May Land Them in Hot Water

Why you should read it : “ When you fire someone, it’s because of their actions and what is going on in the rest of the company is irrelevant.”

Synopsis : The WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) Act requires companies to give their employees a 60 days notice period before they lay them off. Yahoo has ‘fired’ over 1000 employees for ‘performance reasons’ between 2014 -2015. They have been very careful to avoid using the term lay off to skirt around giving their ex-employees the mandatory 60 day notice period.

Technology Can Boost Employee Engagement [infographic] – Friday Distraction

Why you should read it :Sharen Lauby has sourced a great infographic from TD at work which tells you how you can use different technologies to bring about engagement at your firm.


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