Suggest New Training Course

Empxtrack allows managers and employees to suggest new training course(s) that can be added to organizations repository of courses. The suggested courses go through an approval process. Once approved, the manager and employee can self-nominate for it.

Suggest New Training Course as a Manager or an Employee

To recommend new training course, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to the system as a Manager or Employee.
  2. Go to Excel tab and browse through the Training Calendar section. A manager can go to the Team Training Calendar section.
  3. Click on the Suggest a new course link. A new page View Course Details appears on the screen as shown in Figure 1.

    Suggest New Training Course

    Figure 1

  4. Select a Course Type in the dropdown to suggest new training course.
  5. Input name of the course in the Course name textbox.
  6. Select the preferred option to charge the course fee for the Course Cost Details field. You can either select Cost per cost or Cost per participant.
  7. Specify the duration of the training course in the Duration (Hours) textbox.
  8. You can select an option to specify a training method for the Training mechanism for course. The training can either be provided by an instructor or it can be online. You can select a preferred mechanism from the given options – Instructor-led training and Computer based training.
  9. Mention the names of the participants in the Targeted Participants textbox.
  10. Specify the address where the course may be conducted in the Location field.
  11. Input the main purpose for suggesting the new training course in the Objectives/ Main Focus Area field.
  12. Mention the topics that would be covered in the training course to give a brief idea to participants on what all can be expected. Specify topics in the Topics Covered field.
  13. Click Add a note link if you want to add any notes for the approver. Employees don’t have an option to add Notes.
  14. Click the Submit button. The process to suggest new training course is successfully completed.

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