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If you’re ever given a chance to make one choice between – an untrained and a trained chauffeur, what would you choose? According to human psychology, you’ll surely make a choice that helps you stay in safer hands.

A trained professional is any day a better choice – because the person is aware of skills needed to do a job and excel in it. The same ideology implements on business organizations.

Significance of Employee Training & Development

Unfortunately, many employers don’t pay heed to provide training and development to their workforce which slowly deteriorates their success rate.

Avoiding employee training & development programs – due to emerging high costs, unbillable hours and excessive efforts to appoint a training manager – results in long-term loss.

Employee training management costs time, money & efforts to an organization. On contrary, untrained workforce creates much fuss & invites endless hassles. Hence, it is required to conduct training sessions even when the organization is running on tight budget. The primary reasons for having a well-organized employee training management program are as follow:

  • Employees develop new skills and capabilities

  • Increases overall team productivity

  • Minimizes chances of errors

  • Creates efficient work culture

  • Builds confident workforce

As investing in employee’s skills is a direct investment in company’s success, our HR experts recommend employers to make most of it.

Considering today’s competitiveness, employee training and development should not only be an annual activity. Instead, organizations must perceive training as business priority to improve employee capabilities and expand employee engagement.

We, at Empxtrack, realize the importance of losing key talent due to lack of training opportunities. So, our expert HR professionals recommend organizations to use professional & reliable employee training system to make training management a less stressful activity.



How Empxtrack Training Management Software Helps Employers Build a Well-Trained Workforce?

Training Management software helps HR leaders to conduct ‘training need assessment’ programs without letting administrative challenges come into the way. The system also helps in finding employee skills & competency gaps in the workforce.

Training Management system enables organizations to:

    • Maintain skill sheets for all the employees.
    • Uphold minimum competency levels for each job position.
    • Capture employee skill gaps automatically by comparing competency ratings in performance appraisals.
    • Present ‘training need identification’ workflow for managers to prepare annual development plan for each employee.
    • Allow managers to create action based development plan which can be reviewed during annual employee appraisal.
    • Generate comprehensive training calendar with detailed information on training programs, trainer details and locations.
    • Receive feedback from trainees after the completion of training program.
    • Provide reports on training allocation, status, costs, time spent, change requests, etc.

    No qualm, learning is a never-ending process. So give your employees ample opportunities to enhance their skills and build a highly competent workforce. Today, Empxtrack Training Management system is globally used by hundreds of international clients across 20+ countries. Don’t miss out on something important like an effective training management system.

    Get Empxtrack Training Management software and start with what your employees need today to create a better future for your business!


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