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An employee’s engagement in various functions in the organization is directly proportional to his / her performance outcomes. It is a driving force that keeps employees motivated. Research by Gallup and others shows that engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, profitable, and less likely to leave. Not surprisingly, best-performing companies recognize this fact and encourage employee engagement and participation in various organizational functions. When employee engagement is recognized and accepted as a crucial part of policy, it unlocks workforce productivity. Employees feel more connected to their workplace and are therefore ready to take ownership of their work.

What motivates employees is undoubtedly, recognition for their contribution to work and their partnership in achieving goals. A survey conducted by Gallup suggests that talented employees may join the company quickly but the length of their employment depends on their relationship with their direct supervisor. It also suggests that employees having friends at workplace are more likely to engage in the company and work satisfactions jumps up to 50 percent when they have close friends at work.

The quality of employees determines the success of a company. It is therefore important for a company to provide opportunities to its employees for achievements by trusting them with responsibilities, which can help them grow professionally. Besides, publicly recognizing the contribution of the employees to the company can make much difference in the attitudes of the employees.

Employee Satisfaction Survey is an online survey tool to effectively manage your employees’ expectations and build better relationships, which will in turn positively influence organizational performance.

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2 thoughts on “Increasing employee engagement”

  1. Hi Milind Ji, Thanks for reading this blog and commenting on it.

    I think, first of all, the employees should be engaged in their teams with the use of internal team assessments and by communicating to them the clear expectations that the
    company has from them. The empowerment is a great tool for employees engagement. When employees are empowered with responsibilities and are provided clear scope of action by their managers, they feel connected to the organization.

    In addition, there can be an organizational culture to promote employee engagement. For example, there can be a system in place where the organization can take input from its employees about the improvement ideas in their teams and the organization. The employees should be allowed to speak openly. While the input is being obtained from them, their confidentiality should be preserved. There can be frequent get togethers so that employees feel connected with each other. A monthly reward program, where the outstanding performance
    of employees can be recognized is a good idea for employee engagement.


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