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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read? Help us, help you stay updated.

Raiding Volkswagen: It’s Always OK To Take Talent From A Company In Trouble

Why you should read it : Poaching employees tends to have a negative connotation attached to it, but Dr. John Sullivan states that it is nothing but a good business practice.

Synopsis : It is normal to steal away customers from one’s competitors, but why is stealing employees frowned upon? A right day is defined as any day or time period where a normally reluctant top-performing employee would be significantly more likely to say yes to an offer to consider a new job.” According to Dr. John, the right day to poach Volkswagen employees is today.

The 7 Questions You Need To Ask Your Team Every Month

Why you should read it : “The most valuable thing you can do as a manager is to remove any fear that your employees have of speaking up.”

Synopsis :  Jacob Shriar rightly says that there is nothing more demotivating than feeling like your opinion doesn’t count. This articulate and carfully constructed list contains 7 questions that you should ask your employees every month to make them feel valued and to ensure that you are not overlooking any game changing idea from one of your employees.

Job Titles Should Reflect Changing Roles, Be Professional

Why you should read it : With job roles evolving on a daily basis, it’s time that job titles evolved too.

Synopsis : The constantly evolving demands of industries across the board means that HR has to put in a significant amount of work to redefine job descriptions on a constant basis. Besides entirely new job roles, some positions have grown onto include more responsibilities. With this addition of responsibilities, it is often demoralizing for employees to stick to the same old job title.

Is the Six- Hour Workday the Key to Productivity ?

Why you should read it : Sweden has recently been in the news for switching to a six- hour workday.

Synopsis : Predictably, people in Sweden are much happier after some Swedish towns made the switch to a six hour workday. Employees now have much better work life balances, which in turn makes them happier employees who are more productive and focused. Suzanne Lucas looks into whether this change is sustainable for the private sector as well as the public.

Aging Workforce Means Rethinking Benefit Strategies

Why you should read it : As the the American workforce pushes back their retirement age, we need to re-think our benefits scheme to keep up with this change.

Synopsis : There are a vast number of reasons as to why elderly workers are choosing to remain in the workforce. These range from a lack of traditionally defined pension benefits to a later Social Security retirement age for full benefits or even just wanting to keep their mind sharp. Joanne Sammer looks at what companies must do to accommodate this change.

Millennials Check Their Phones 43 Times a Day. How to Capitalize On It For Your Business?

Why you should read it : Turn your millennials’ addiction to their smartphone into profit for your firm.

Synopsis : According to recently conducted research, millenials check their phone an average of 43 times per day and share atleast 5 pieces of content on social media. This articles contains tips on how to use this chronic millennial distractibility to your advantage.

Use An “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) To Create Employee Engagement

Why you should read it : Use the popular Reddit tradition to increase engagement at your firm.

Synopsis : The popular subreddit IAmA is similar to a press conference in many ways save for the fact that it is conducted online. An AMA is easy to organize, as variables such as time and location do not need to be taken into account. Conducting an AMA promotes transparency which in turn increases engagement .

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