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The idea of Talent Management is not new. Decades ago, it was treated as a peripheral responsibility of managers, but now, it has become a core organizational function. Organizations are now increasingly relying on web-based recruitment software powered-by HR analytics. They are silently yet aggressively looking for top performing leaders and managers. In this blog, we will understand how a modern web-based recruitment software can be adopted for better talent management.

Creative job descriptions

Often we have noticed system generated boring job descriptions in job posts that fail to attract top talent. A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, focused on what employers can provide to meet a candidate’s needs. According to it, creative job postings received almost three times highly rated applicants as compared to job postings focusing only on abilities and skills the organization demands of candidates.

A web-based recruitment software allows HR managers to design a recruitment process that could prominently tap applicants’ interest in job posts and a better future prospect in organization.

Personalized onboarding

The best method of capturing the energy of new employees, is by “personalized onboarding”. Lately, many firms have discovered and acknowledged the power of personalization in recruiting and onboarding. In a study of 605 employees at the New Delhi, India, offices of Wipro BPO, it was found, that the new hires who experienced a personalized onboarding process were as much as 32 percent less likely to quit, than those that go through a traditional company focused onboarding process.

A modern recruitment software allows HR managers to a personalized onboarding process, thus making it an enjoyable activity and getting the new hires to speed up more effectively.

Remote college recruiting

Today, it is much simpler to find students of top colleges on social media. Companies can now easily connect with them on various social media platforms. In a nutshell, seamless integration of social media platforms with web-based recruitment software has made possible “remote college recruitment”. This is proving to be cost effective and companies are happily embracing it. They are now bypassing campus career interview centers. Most importantly, this process has allowed companies to dramatically broaden the number of universities they cover while saving travel costs and time.

Final Thought

If you are looking for a personalized recruiting process, you must embrace modern recruitment and talent management practices that go beyond the ordinary route. Take a free trial of one such innovative web-based recruitment software solution, and enhance your talent management process.

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  1. Its Great to go through the article thank you for sharing the relevant content about the Recruitment software and hiring process.

  2. Highly informative article for freshers and those looking for a new job. When company post hire a developer, Using software-based recruitment will make it much easier for the company to recruit the right candidate for the candidate they need.


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