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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read?

5 Ways to Keep Performance Reviews From Becoming Boring

Why you should read it : The reason so many people have problems with the annual performance review is because it has gotten boring and repetitive.

Synopsis : According to Sharlyn Lauby, “ Performance reviews do not have to be stale and boring.” There is a lot companies can do to breath new life into the performance review process such as, break up the conversations, add some different components to performance reviews and train managers (and employees) on getting and receiving feedback.

OKRs: The Goal Setting System You Need To Be Using

Why you should read it : OKRs – Objectives and Key Results, is one of the best tools you can use to hold your team accountable.

Synopsis : “Those [OKRs] are a great way to help everyone in the company understand what’s important and how you’re going to measure what’s important. It’s essentially a great way to communicate strategy and how you’re going to measure strategy.”

Waking Up To Reality: Why Reference Checks Are A Total Scam

Why you should read it : Checking references is an antiquated system that does not give us the desired results.

Synopsis : Tim Sackett is here to question the age old process of hiring based on reference checks. In theory this is a great practice, as the best way to predict a candidates future success is to speak with the individuals that know him or her the best.

5 Secret Techniques To Transform Your Recruiters Into Digital Marketers

Why you should read it : Since the past 5 years, recruiters have been told that they need to think more like marketers.

Synopsis : Acting like a marketer means keeping a fresh perspective on why we are using the tactics that we are. It means continuing to experiment until you get the right result for your organization. It is also combining approaches for quality results, not only higher numbers.

Need Innovation In Talent Management? It’s As Simple As Implementing Stretch Goals

Why you should read it : At serial innovation firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, stretch goals are a primary driver of innovation.

Synopsis : Goals are considered to be stretch goals when they are set 25 – 40 percent above what the employee currently achieves. Stretch goals force workers to abandon their typical focus on minor continuous improvement and make drastic changes aimed at innovating.

What Do You Do When A Job Candidate Pushes Back On Salary?

Why you should read it : It is not unusual for a company to balk at your initial salary offer. But what should you do when you find yourself in such a situation?

Synopsis : At the end of the day, your company has already determined the value of the subject job, and will not welcome outside second opinions. Chuck Csizmar gives us a few paths we can follow in this situation as to not make it worse.

The Best Times To Hire On Mobile

Why you should read it : The folks at Switch App discovered some of the ideal times to hire qualified and in-demand candidates.

Synopsis : Using a combination of proprietary data from their own mobile hiring app and the mobile hiring space in general, it was determined that some times of day, month, and year take precedent over others when it comes to posting jobs and reviewing candidates.

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