Build potential leadership pipeline with succession plan
Succession Planning

Succession Planning Doesn’t Start with People. It Starts with the Requirements of the Position.” – David Ulrich

Succession Planning is a process to identify employees from within the company, for leadership or any other kind of key roles in the company.

A survey conducted by National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) found that 2/3rd of U.S. public and private organizations do not have formal succession plan to fill in the leadership positions.In the absence of a well-structured succession planning process, organizations tend to risk leadership deficits and business disruption.

To know how an organization can avoid running into such risks, look at the infographic.

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  1. Well, the infographic provided in this post is very interesting. It sums up all about succession planning and it’s significance. A succession plan not only fills leadership positions at the right time, but it also ensures business continuity. Thanks for sharing the post.

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