Accelerate Employee Productivity by Tracking Real-Time Performance?
Real-time performance

Setting employee goals in a transparent manner and continuous measurement of employee achievements is critical to business success. While a lot of effort is put into setting goals and documenting them, the need to track real-time progress of goals and measure performance often remains underestimated. This results in loss of productivity, disengaged teams, and under-utilization of human capital.

Performance measurement is an absolute necessity for a performance-driven organization. Having a well-thought goal tracking process is important. It ensures that employees have a clarity on their objectives. Tracking real-time performance helps managers to continuously monitor employee goal achievements and provide timely feedback to the team. This enables managers to document yearly performance of their team members and use that information during reviews.

Let’s look at the infographic to find out how managers can continuously track employees’ performance and keep them productive.

Are You a Torch Bearer-of-a-Performance-Driven-Team

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  1. It’s such a great article. Quite helpful. To Keep up the well-coordinated Teamwork, tracking time and productivity is, undoubtedly crucial. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Since you are talking about time management practices, I’d like to suggest time tracking software for everyone who wants to enhance productivity.

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