Leave FAQs

Refer to Empxtrack Leave FAQs and find answers to commonly asked questions on leave management in Empxtrack

What is the concept of allowing employees to take leave?

Most organizations give a certain number of days to each employee for which they are paid even when they do not attend office. Such days are called Paid leave days.

Empxtrack allows employees to apply for leave and post approval, such days are counted as paid days.

Empxtrack allows unlimited leave types. Select the leave types applicable to your organization and set up rules for each leave type. Employees can apply for leave from the portal and these will come to HR admin for approval. HR can manually credit leave to employees or change the rules for both these leave types.

Enterprise product offers a completely customizable Leave management system.

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How to credit leave to employees?

HR managers can credit leave days to employees for different leave types. The leave days can be credited on monthly, quarterly, yearly basis i.e in the beginning of the month, quarter or year as per the policy of the organization.

HR managers can manually credit leave days to the employees or upload the leave credits. Watch the video on how to credit leave balance to employees in just a few clicks.

Schedulers are available to auto-credit leave to employees. Employees can avail Work from Home and Compensatory Off leave types.

Note: Upload leave credits, scheduler functionality and custom credit rules are available in the paid edition of the application.

Credit Leave to Employees Manually

Upload Leave Credits

How to make changes to leave rules?

Sometimes change in the leave policy of the organization for different leave types may lead the HR manager to make changes in respective leave rules. The ?Configure leave rules? functionality is available to meet this purpose.

An HR Admin can configure Leave rules as per company requirements. On the application, under Product configurations, leave rules can be updated by the HR Admin.

Configure Leave Rules

How to apply for leave as an employee and HR manager?

  • Employee

    Employees can raise leave requests for leave types applicable to them. Based on rules, employees can apply for a leave type based on the availability of leave balance. Watch the video on how to apply for leave as an employee

    Leave application undergoes a pre-defined approval process, wherein the supervisor/ manager or HR manager approves the leave request. The leave approval process is defined in the configuration of each leave type.

    Manager/ HR gives leave approval based on the availability. Once the leave is finalized by the HR manager attendance gets updated and the employee is eligible for a paid day on the day of the leave.

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  • HR Manager

    An HR or even the Manager can apply for leave on behalf of an employee. Usually, this is a practice when the employees are not computer savvy or do not have access to computers.

    Sometimes, HR also has to exercise this option if someone reports sick and asks for  a leave by calling the HR manager.

    Watch the video on how a manager can view and manage leave of their team members

Does the free version allow additional leave types?

Yes, Empxtrack free versions allows unlimited leave types and you can set up rules for each leave type.

What are the restrictions on applying for leave?

  • Employees cannot apply for leave for a period for which payroll processing has started
  • HR cannot apply for leave for an employee whose payroll calculation have been done
  • Payroll processing cannot start if an employee has pending leave requests.

Based on leave configurations, leave applications may depend on minimum and maximum days, leave balance etc.

How to make the leave balance 0 for employees?

Identify the leave balance for employees by running the leave credit report. Go to manually credit leave and enter a negative value of the leave balance for each employee.

Example: If an employee has 10 days of leave credit, enter -10 for leave credit to make the balance 0

Does Empxtrack support work from home and compensatory off leave type?

Yes, Empxtrack support work from home and compensatory off leave types to map your company needs.