Implementing a Comprehensive Performance Appraisal System

Implementing a Comprehensive Performance Appraisal System for India’s Leading Retail Chain : A Case Study

“Empxtrack team worked within a tight schedule to meet our appraisal cycle requirements. Empxtrack is easy to use and offered some comprehensive features that were customized to meet our specific requirements. We found the Saigun team very proactive and quick to help during a crucial implementation phase where they provided us with 24/7 support.” HR … Read more
Smart Goals : A Performance Multiplier

Smart Goals : A Performance Multiplier

Abstract Accountability in employees is vital to the growth of an organization. This paper illustrates, with the help of a case study, how setting clear goals allows employees to drive performance Before the AGM- 2005 The Board of Directors, managers and the CEOs found that productivity at the company continued to decrease, which made it … Read more
Career Development Of Employees

White Papers: Career Development of Employees

Abstract While most employees are career conscious, organizations seldom consider employee career development a part of their HR vision. ‘ This is however important for organizations to drive performance, retain people and ensure employee contentment.   What is career development? In simple terms it means ‘providing employees an opportunity to grow‘, and is especially important … Read more
HR Management in Retail Industry

Case Study on HR Management in Retail Industry

The Empxtrack HR Consultants team has released a new case study on Human Resource Management in the retail industry. This case study covers the challenges faced by HR in managing employees in an organization, which has a chain of stores in multiple locations. The organization is one of the largest retail stores chain in India … Read more
The Ray Of Hope In Recession For Human Resources

The Ray of Hope in Recession for Human Resources

While reading an article in Jon’s Carnival of HR,”Carnevale delle Risorse Umane: 18 February 2009” I realized how seriously the HR domain has been affected by recession. After all, it is the HR department that is tasked with the thankless job of laying off people, because businesses can no longer afford to pay them. Employees … Read more

The Future of Human Resources Management

Prayag Consulting, a leading technology marketing firm, recently interviewed the President of Saigun Technologies and the Chief Architect of Empxtrack, Tushar Bhatia, regarding the trends in HR Technology, the future of Human Resources management and entrepreneurship. Here are excerpts from the interview that appeared in their newsletter Focal Point. What the future holds for Human … Read more
effectiveness of performance appraisal system

How to Ensure Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal?

(Updated 2021) Employee performance review is traditionally done in a formal, top-down manner, which reduces it’s effectiveness. Employees are reviewed once or twice a year (for no apparent reason) and given ratings based on their KRAs. A report by SHRM states that 95% of managers are not satisfied with their company’s annual performance appraisal process. … Read more

Raising Bar for Performance: Case Study

About the Case Study Benefits of Web 2.0/SaaS-based Performance Management System for Educational Institutions Inside This Case Study » The need for performance management in educational institutions. » Challenges of implementing a performance management system in educational institutions. » Superior technology for performance management by Empxtrack. » Implementation of Performance Management System. » Experience of … Read more

What is a bigger problem: Managing Performance appraisals or writing accurate appraisals?

When organizing a software training workshop for a major Electric Power Distribution Corporation in New Delhi, I asked Vikram Singh, one of the participating Senior Managers, who has a team size of 150 employees for performance review, “What is the bigger problem when conducting Performance appraisals: managing appraisals or writing accurate appraisals?“. Vikram’s company employs … Read more
How to Win Friends and Influence People

Successfactors of a Leader – Remembering Names

Sometimes back I wrote a post ‘What’s in the name? SuccessFactors for HR‘ where I mentioned the special skill of an HR manager who knows every employee by name. While I was reviewing a new feature in the software EmpXtrack, called Employee Hierarchy (similar to an Organization Chart), I recollected one such incident. It was … Read more