How to Win Friends and Influence People

Successfactors of a Leader – Remembering Names

Sometimes back I wrote a post ‘What’s in the name? SuccessFactors for HR‘ where I mentioned the special skill of an HR manager who knows every employee by name. While I was reviewing a new feature in the software EmpXtrack, called Employee Hierarchy (similar to an Organization Chart), I recollected one such incident. It was … Read more
Employee motivation

Make sure your rewards motivate your employees!

During one of my conversations with the CEO of a start-up, the discussion turned towards Compensation Planning to motivate employees, especially the talented ones. We agreed that the most talented ones need continuous motivation to maintain their momentum. During the discussion, the CEO narrated a bad experience concerning a talented employee, whom he admired, wanted … Read more

Ten tips for downsizing with grace in difficult economic times

Difficult economic times require tough calls, and, downsizing is one of the most difficult decisions that a company can take. Though downsizing is the most hated task; it is a necessary evil when looking to save a company during an economic collapse. With some effort, organizations can minimize the effect of downsizing on their employees. … Read more

Impact of HR Technology Solution in Retail Management

About the Case Study This case study is about the Human Resources Management challenges faced by a retail organization with 10,000+ employees across 150 locations and the HR solution (Empxtrack Professional Edition) provided to address these challenges. About the Client The organization that partnered with Saigun in the case study is one of the largest … Read more
Bad hr practices

Top Ten Bad HR Practices

Everybody talks about practicing the best HR practices, which is a good start but pretty useless if bad practices continue to persist. So what are the top ten bad HR practices which need to be eliminated? 1. Employee has no access to personal data (over-confidentiality): Can’t view or update personal information; have no access to … Read more
HR Statistics For Human Resource Management

Biggest HR Question of First decade of 21st Century?

The world economics went through a big turmoil during the third/fourth week of September 2008. The news of debacle of major financial giants like Lehman Brothers, AIG and Merrill Lynch scared event the most patient investor across the world. In the middle of the same turmoil (whether somebody noticed or not) TT Ram Mohan, Editor … Read more
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Invite your CEO to wear HR’s Shoes

I posted the Talent Junction blog posts – “How HR Manager can improve Performance“. It was very well received by the HR community (Read by 2,879 HR professionals). A fellow HR professional replied to my post with this very interesting email seeking help. “Hello Mr. Gireesh, I have read your Article. It’s Brilliant. I am … Read more

Leadership insights on “Budgeting for Growth”

I was invited to a attend a seminar conducted by a local chapter of a management group. The conference was on “Budgeting for Growth“, where experts and industry leaders shared their views on optimizing budgets for marketing, infrastructure, information technology and HR. Since my interest is in HR, I captured and am sharing the viewpoints … Read more
Performance factor

What the hell has an “Axe” to do with Performance Management business?

Thomas, Karl, Steve, Martha, Matthew, Bill and so many others in the organization complained of work pressure, unachievable targets, peer pressure, time management and loss of work life balance. Despite working hard, their performance was going down and impacting organization’s bottom line. Who is to blame for poor performance of employees and business? Ask line … Read more

You Can Only Improve What You Can Measure

Going through a book on Six Sigma, I came across this very popular statement “You Can Only Improve What You Can Measure“. Does it hold true for HR also? Why not? If the answer to above is ‘Yes’, then for HR to improve its processes it is important to measure the current effectiveness. Here is … Read more